— Days Without Shea —

Saturday, we were out for the Shea Stadium wake. My kids and I were standing in the parking lot near the 7 train stairs for a good look.

As I pointed out to my sons where Loge 13 was, Mathew Warren, a reporter for the NY Times, came over. We chatted for awhile and he wrote up that farewell moment in today's issue of the NY Times.

He also quoted me saying: "Shea had things that were uniquely Queens, like the architecture that came right out of the World's Fair era," he said. "Everything was so imperfect, like the bad plumbing, the lack of parking or the lousy train service. You kind of had to earn your way out here."

Nice job on the article, Mathew.

BTW here is the photo my 8-year-old took when we were bidding adios to Loge13. I think the boy has a future in photography:


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dyhrdmet said


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Ron Hunt said

Nice stuff Kong! I was considering going but...

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Eli said

I rode out there on Sat with teh wife and kids, but actually went to Flushing for the Chinese New Year parade. Riding past, it was worse than any picture I saw.

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Jon said

Nice job Kingman... I happened to drive by Shea on Saturday, but a little earlier than the planned event, so I just snapped a few pix and drove off. I'd been there the week before with my kid too.

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