— Days Without Shea —

There is still much noise in the system about Citi Field's name.

But the Mets were quick to respond, by press releases, to published reports that Citigroup may back out of the deal.

"In conversations this morning, Citi reinforced that it will honor our legally binding agreement," said the Mets in a statement Wednesday. 

Citi's statement covered essentially the same territory, saying, "Citi signed a legally binding agreement with the New York Mets in 2006."

The Village Voice had an interesting twist in their "Runnin Scared" blog:

"The Treasury may not have leverage over the Mets, but it does over Citi, and it's completely within the government's power to tell the bank: If you want your bailout cash, hand over the naming rights to your Uncle Sam. Then the feds could turn around and sell the stadium name to another, less embarrassing corporate entity - and even, if it feels it's important, include a rider that the new name needs to be in the form of, say, "Google Stadium at Jackie Robinson Field."

Poor Citi Field: It hasn't even been born and already it has an identity crisis. This one's for you:

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