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by Kingman on February 28 at 8:34AM
Someone needs to let the Phillies know they won the World Series last year. Apparently they didn't get the message.

It's the only viable reason to explain why these guys are still so hung up on the Mets. All off-season they continue to talk about the Mets. The latest deep insights came from Mr. Heidi Strobel.

He gave his definition of "choke" the other day:

"The word choke means you weren't able to fully come through when you were supposed to. I think the Mets had the top teams, they pretty much had the championships in the bag and they weren't able to come through.  A lot of guys will perceive them as choking in the end and not fulfilling their end of the bargain because they should have taken it.  You know what, it really does show the strength and hard work and I guess the deep down guts that we have to take it away from them."

There is no arguing the Mets choked in 2007. But lets get real about 2008 before I read another blood and guts account about the Phils. The Mets were lucky to even be in the running come September of last year. By mid-June, we lost our starting left and right fielders, our 1st baseman swang like a 90-year-old shut-in and our manager had been whacked. The Mets got a head of steam for a few months before we lost our closer (who had already blown six saves). It's amazing the Mets got as far as they did.

But who cares about last year anyway? Everyone has moved on, except for Mr. Strobel and his teammates. They're not even reliving the end of the season; the Phils are still stuck in April, 2008. Good luck with that.

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