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by Kingman on February 8 at 9:02AM
Signs of spring: After months of brittle cold and gloomy skies, I woke up this morning to a 55 degree Sunday morning.

Another sign: pitchers and catchers in less than a week.

Another sign: A-Rod is making an ass of himself on the front page of the NY Post. His bad PR machine is already in mid-season form.

So to get yourself in the spirit of the upcoming season, I alert you to this: Greg from Faith and Fear in Flushing has a book coming out.

It's called "Faith and Fear in Flushing." Here's the blurb:

The New York Mets fan is an Amazin' creature whose species finds its voice at last in Greg Prince's Faith and Fear In Flushing, the definitive account of what it means to root for and live through the machinations of an endlessly fascinating if often frustrating baseball team.

Prince, coauthor of the highly regarded blog of the same name, examines how the life of the franchise mirrors the life of its fans, particularly his own. Unabashedly and unapologetically, Prince stands up for all Mets fans and, by proxy, sports fans everywhere in exploring how we root, why we take it so seriously, and what it all means.

What was it like to enter a baseball world about to be ruled by the Mets in 1969? To understand intrinsically that You Gotta Believe? To overcome the trade of an idol and the dissolution of a roster? To hope hard for a comeback and then receive it in thrilling fashion in 1986? To experience the constant ups and downs the Mets would dispense for the next two decades? To put ups with the Yankees right next door? To make the psychic journey from Shea Stadium to Citi Field? To sort the myths from the realities? Greg Prince, as he has done for thousands of loyal Faith and Fear in Flushing readers daily since 2005, puts it all in perspective as only he can.

The book includes a Q&A with Gary Cohen. Faith and Fear is one of the best written blogs about anything. The fact that the topic is the Mets is a bonus. The book is due out before Opening Day and you can pre-order it here.

Congrats Greg!

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Paul said

My wife is calling me more than an "Amazing Creature"...First the brick, then the Blue Seats, and now the UPS man just delivered MY LOGE 10 SIGN!!! Damn..Life is GOOD! After 22 years with a Saturday Plan at Shea,I got My Section's Sign!!!

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