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by Kingman on January 13 at 1:19PM
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Earlier in the week, I wrote about Anthony Young and the NY Daily News profile.

AY is coaching youth baseball now. One of his player's dads posted the following:

"I am blessed to have Anthony as my sons baseball coach. He is a fantastic person and is great with the kids. He will also attest that I am one of the biggest if not the biggest Met fan in the country, easily the biggest in Houston Texas. Hi whole family is wonderful and I am a better person just knowing the guy. Jason Bernstein"

Thanks for the note Jason and keep the Mets fires burning down in Houston.

Great to get confirmation of what we always thought: that Anthony Young is a class act and an underappreciated part of modern Mets lore.

Jason and Anthony, you are welcome anytime in Loge13...and next year in Promenade Box 427..

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Andy said

Like Jason (METSFAN on his license plate here in ASTRO territory) I too, have a son playing for AY. He taught my son the finer arts and mechanics of pitching. More importantly, he has helped teach him the "intangibles"...mental toughness while on the mound, etc. Most importantly, however, is the fact that AY has the biggest heart you will ever find, and truly loves the boys on our select team, and they love him. We would not be quite the same without AY in our lives. Thanks

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