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by Kingman on January 1 at 10:17AM
In the waning days of 2008, a bunch of Loge13 readers got a late holiday present: their Shea seats.

After being delayed for weeks, giant crates began arriving on the doorsteps of those fans willing to drop $869 on two authentic Met behind-holders.

At least one reader was not pleased with his package. Gerard wrote in a comment:

I got my seats today and there is on one way to describe them...RIP OFF!!!!!

The seats are dirty, have to somehow be modified so that you can actually sit in them and have nothing on them to indicate that they are authentic.

The Wilpon's must need the money from these seats to offset their investment losses to Bernie Madoff.

So far, Gerard seems to be in the minority. Ron Hunt called me as soon as his Loge level honeys arrived and sent along these photos and his thoughts:

My Loge Shea Stadium seats arrived today and I must admit that while I was very excited when the email came with the delivery date but after seeing them and SITTING in them, I'm beside myself.

Having to drag these 95 lbs beasts from my driveway, into my basement and then up the stairs to my living room, I felt in the season, like I had the power of ten Grinch's  plus 2.


My "new Loge" seats, numbers 3 & 4, are kinda worn, they look like they lived on the third base line loge box or left field loge box seats.  They are faded from the sun - which went down that foul line -  unlike my pristine Loge13 seats covered by the press and suite level from the climates. But faded Shea seats seems appropriate...and they are in my living room.


The armrests have been stripped and repainted. On either side are remnants of the hardware from the seat bottoms of the seats next to you. They did a nice job of adding these black  L - brackets to accommodate for the fact that the seats were previously attached to the cement risers and not the floor.  I'm thinking mahogany or teak for under my seats, your thoughts are welcome. And, yes - they may never make it to my backyard, they are too cool in my living room. My own bleachers!


The best thing was sitting in them, it was an immediate feeling of, I've been here, and very comforting. We've all been in many stadia, but these are Shea seats, no doubt. It was great to sit back, put my arm over the empty seat and relax, close my eyes and think of Shea, imagining the old section and park.

Just in my mind and with a lot more legroom.

Congratulations Ron!

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Ismael said

My blue seats look as if they tore the stadium down first and were dug from the rubble later.

The seat backs have a nice layer of concrete dust or paint that gave them more of a confederate gray look. To make matters worse, some heathen scraped the word Yankees into one of them, most likely with the edge of his crackpipe.

The seat part is nice and blue though. I'm thinking of all the cleaning and buffing that I'm going to have to do for an item that I know was clean on the last day of Shea

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Doug said


Congratulations on your purchase!

Question for you... I've seen other pics of non-field level seats (aka - ones mounted from the back, like these), and have seen the bracket provided.

Are the seats low? Meaning, do you feel like you are sitting on the ground. I can't help myself but feel that I'd be sitting in a hole.

Maybe you'd want to block them up to a more comfortable height.


[January 5, 2009 11:30 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said


The seats are somewhat low, although I find them comfortable and it only takes a few seconds to get used to.

As I mentioned, I plan on adding some wood to the base to stabilize them, so that will add some inches to the height. Might make them the proper height.

I'll let you know.

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nugget said

Hello all. Like others, I have my Loge level seats, numbered 1 and 2. The upper part of the backs is faded. Did the refurbishing company spray paint the armrests and not cover the backs? It's hard to believe that the sun would have bleached the backs that much. I was going to email the Mets about it, but never got around to it. They still look good in my finished basement and I look forward to watching games in the seats with my wife, like we did in the Loge for many years.

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