— Days Without Shea —

So today, I took the whole family out to see Shea Stadium one last time. I put up a pile of posts, which I will summarize here, or you can follow the proceedings starting from this link or from the set of links down below.

The oddest thing about visiting the decrepit skeletal remains of Shea today with my kids is that we actually had a good time. In fact, my oldest son asked if we could do this again sometime...before realizing that we can never do this again.

Sometime this week, the last bits of Shea Stadium come down. Now I feel like I made my peace with the old fella. When I walked out of Shea Stadium on September 28, 2008 for the last time with my dad, we were emotional. Choked up for Shea. Choked up for the Mets. Ready to choke that no-good choker Scott Schoenweis. It was not a pretty scene.

Today was more dignified. We chanted "Lets go Mets" in the bitter January cold with a couple hundred other knuckleheads. My kids stole junk from the construction site and now think they have pilfered valuable relics of Shea Stadium. And we had some nice Dad-son moments. Just like the moments I had with my dad and granddad at Shea over the years.

The best part may have been when we finished the long, cold wanderlust around CitiField and Shea. We ended up under the new subway ramp and suddenly found ourselves trapped. The area is a fenced-in construction site and the doors to the subway line were locked. A few other Dads were also stuck there with their little kids. Finally we did what any good Met fan would do - we tore down the flimsy fence between us and the Citi Field parking lot and walked out. My final act of vandalism on Shea Stadium property...or my first act of vandalism at Citi Field.

This little clip says it all for me. LONG LIVE SHEA STADIUM!


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