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by Kingman on January 13 at 2:53PM
Citi Field Patch Logo for 2009 Mets Uniforms
That headline is especially funny if you're from Long Island. Or if you've been up since 4:00 in the morning, like me.

The Mets unveiled a Citi Field commemorative patch for their 2009 uniforms. Here 'tis.

Lots of fun is being made about it, specifically that the patch doesn't actually mention Citi Field.

However, the word from MLB is that a team cannot wear a corporate logo on their uniforms so the stadium name is a no-no.

As for the other mockeries being made about the patch's amateurish quality or its resemblance to a Domino's Pizza logo, that's all true. Loge13 readers also noticed a similarity to the Enron logo when we wrote about the design last year.

The team had done a great job with the Shea Stadium Tribute Patches in 2008. Then again, with Shea, it's easy to create beautiful designs when you're already working with a piece of art.

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Ron Hunt said

Kingman - I know you're dealing with some things and being up since 4 am, but calling Shea a piece of art? I love the place as much as anyone but you've got to be kidding.

We loved it, seeing the today's Newsday video of the upper deck coming down, brought me to tears but it's a piece alright, of...

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dyhrdmet said

i'll buy into the "art" thing. look at some of my photo-thumbnails of shea in its last days standing erect (http://rememberingshea.blogspot.com, warning that many large pictures are loading at the same time). tell me that doesn't look like ART.

for the video...i hate seeing it but i keep looking when i get links to photos/videos. imagine what it would be for us to see in person sometime in April if they can't take it all down in time. i don't know what would be worse - seeing a shell of shea standing (and having to walk around it from some parking areas) or seeing a chalk outline in a parking lot where shea was.

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BigVin said

Who cares? If they win it all it will be the greatest and most beautiful patch in history.

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nugget said

The patch is really bad. A 4th grader could have done better using a PC. There was no patch for Shea in 1964; it was to honor the World's Fair across the street. Please redesign this thing! Reminds me of the bland 1988-1991 road uniforms.

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dyhrdmet said

I think this patchwork shows another case of how the Mets management doesn't seem to get it. I know there's rules about sponsor logos, but the fans could do a better job (and have sent in designs to metsblog.com, I believe).

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