— Days Without Shea —

Allow me to mess with your mind a bit...

Ya know that last scene in "Titanic" after everyone's drowned and suddenly the old lady is walking through the ship again? Well, here is what the walk into Gate D of Shea Stadium looked like four months ago:

And here is what Gate D looks like today, January 31, 2009. That red escalator exposed to the elements is the escalator I am going up in that clip.

Shea Stadium Gate D side_013109.jpg

Longtime Loge13 reader and commenter DyHrdMet was also out at Shea Stadium today. He has a new blog now, called Remembering Shea, where he is also posting his photos and videos from today. I'll post more about his new blog later but take a visit now to see his coverage.

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dyhrdmet said

Thanks for the plug. It's a shame we never actually got a chance to meet, even though I saw myself in one of your photos and have a strange feeling I came out from the subway stairs close to the time when you did at our first arrivals at the ballparks (I was being interviewed for the New York Times during that, so everything around me was a blur walking out to the old RF parking lot but I have pictures).

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