— Days Without Shea —

I told you about Ron Hunt's seats the other day.

Loge13 reader Eli sent me this note over the Christmas break about his Shea surprise. Very cool story. Thanks for sharing! And if any other readers want to share their good fortunes or good purchases, just drop me a line (kingmanATblogsbyfans.com)

And now over to Eli...

The sign below is what my wife Maggie and my good friend Blayne pooled resources for to got me for Christmas.  


Of all Shea memorabilia that was available, I mentioned to my friend that this was the piece I would want, never once believing I would ever get it.  There is no mention of Shea or the Mets, but I loved the Parks insignia and the phrase "Stadia Division".  I think if it said "Stadium division" I wouldn't have wanted it.  For me, it was about my NYC home and the bureaucracy that built Shea Stadium.  I felt it was more subtle and had a certain classiness to it that other Shea memorabilia did not have...as if an 8ft long piece of white sheet metal with green block lettering could ever be subtle or classy.  It was presented to me tonight, and a part of me was a little miffed at the purchase.  It is maybe the most impractical gift I have ever received.  But when I saw it, I was speechless.  For all its impracticality, it also was maybe the most generous and thoughtful gift I have ever received.  I got all choked up looking at it, remembering all the history (MY history) that went along with the sign, the stadium, the Mets, and the friends and family that joined me at all those ballgames.

 Where we put this 8'x3' sign in our NYC apartment is still in discussion, but I have no doubt my wife and I will figure this out, because...well...how could we not?

Thought you might be interested since all started with your post.

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