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by Kingman on December 11 at 8:40AM
http://www.loge13.com/images/putz.jpgYes it is an obvious headline but I had to use it at least once.

The Aaron Heilman era has ended. After signing K-Rod yesterday, the Mets pulled off an overnight 3-team trade with the Mariners and Indians. Bottom line, the Mets got:

JJ Putz
Right handed reliever Sean Green (no, not Shawn Green)
Outfielder Jeremy Reed

And gave up

Aaron Heilman
Joe Smith
Endy Chavez
Minor League first baseman Mike Carp
Right-handed pitcher Maikel Cleto
Outfielder Ezequiel Carrera
Left-handed pitcher Jason Vargas

The only one that hurts is Smith. He had alot of potential and showed poise and durability for such a young guy. We may regret that move one day.

Chavez, not so much. He is known for a great play in an ultimately meaningless game. Loge13 is frankly tired of hearing Met fans speak of that catch with such ebullience. As a player, I liked Chavez alot but he had become almost totemistic. Manuel clearly did not like him much, as judged by his decreased playing time last year.

We sure gave up alot of players. Putz has already said he'd rather be a closer but will adjust to the role. Meanwhile, the other two guys don't exactly come with sterling credentials:

In addition to Putz, the Mets added Green, 29, to their relief corps, cushioning the loss of Smith. Green, like Smith, has proven to be a vastly better pitcher against right-handed batters, and he could step into a late-inning role with the Mets. Green excelled during the first half of 2008, before posting an 8.65 ERA in 24 games after the All-Star break. He has made a combined 136 appearances for the Mariners over the past two seasons.

Reed, 27, is a former top prospect who hasn't hit with any consistency in the big leagues since batting .397 over 58 at-bats in his rookie season. Once the Mariners' starting center fielder, Reed spent much of last season at Triple-A Tacoma, producing a .269 average in 97 games with Seattle.

I am a bit baffled that we gave up seven players (four of whom with major league experience) for this crew. But if Putz can reclaim the 8th inning for Mets fans in the names of all things Cook and Turk, then Loge13 welcomes Putz.


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Doug said

Heilman is addition by subtraction. It's a bit ironic that Endy and Aaron leave in the same trade. Although Endy made the catch, Heilman ALWAYS got away with giving up the Molina HR in the top of the 9th, more so than Beltran. All I heard was swing, Carlos, swing... when the real culprit was Aaron all along.

Glad to see him gone. He was worthless to the Mets.

[December 11, 2008 9:43 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

I'm more thrilled with this move than Rodriguez.

It really sets up the end game for us...finally! I don't think we gave up too much as I'm not high on Smith. He's very inconsistent, his good streak last year was preceded by a really awful period. Plus, this might re-open the talks to return Chad Bradfors, who the Rays want to dump, to the Blue & Orange. There was no sense in having two sub-mariners.

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Chevonne said

I say the mets go after manny now they need a big bat...he intimidates pictures david will get even more pitches to drive with him in the lineup.. and then possibly sign a randy wolf .. any opinions

[December 11, 2008 1:07 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

We're still a couple starting pitchers away from making these trades meaningful.

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James K. said

"Chavez, not so much. He is known for a great play in an ultimately meaningless game. Loge13 is frankly tired of hearing Met fans speak of that catch with such ebullience. As a player, I liked Chavez alot but he had become almost totemistic."

Wow this is an unintelligent, uninformed statement. Do you realize how valuable Endy's defensive contributions were to the team?


Read that - basically Endy could be a league average PLAYER (not hitter) at a premium position. Mets blogs need some serious lessons in baseball statistics. There's more to baseball than just hitting.

[December 28, 2008 1:29 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

I certainly do know how valuable Endy's defense was to the team. I also think he was a pretty smart hitter in that he knew his limitations. Endy never tried to swing for the fences when a base hit (or well-placed bunt to trick an infield) would better suit the situation. If you re-read my comments, you'll see I was referring to Endy's aura amongst Mets fans. He has been awarded Mookie-esque status for a play that ultimately doesn't mean alot in the annals of history. Moving on is a good thing for him and better for the organization.

As for the notion that he will blossom as someone else's center fielder, I'm not as convinced. I would have liked to see Endy get more playing time this year, especially when Alou, then Church went down. But the fact is, Chavez didn't make much with the time he got, which leads me to believe he is a great role player who probably can't put together a complete season as a player (not just a hitter). Just my opinion.



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