— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on December 28 at 9:20AM
Many of y'all are familiar with Matthew Silverman. He is the author of, among other books, "100 Things Mets Fans Need to Know and Do Before They Die."

Silverman is now working on a new project and needs help from Met fans. Please see his note below. Loge13 readers have been very kind in sharing their personal archives in the past so if you can help Matt out, drop him a line.

And now, a word from Mr. Silverman:

Matthew Silverman, who co-wrote Mets by the Numbers with Jon Springer, plus Meet the Mets annual, Mets Essential, 100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die, and other Mets things with long titles, is putting together a book on the 1969 Mets through Maple Street Press. He need photos, memorabilia, and other tchotkies from the 1969 season or its aftermath. Only two problems: it's a volunteer effort (so there's no pay for anyone who actually possesses these desired items) and it has to be photos that you have the rights to use (reprinted photos and such from newspapers unfortunately won't do). Newspaper covers are fine as are photos actually taken of Shea, or a view from a certain vantage point, desecration of the field (three riots to choose from!), the parade in NYC, etc. If you have something that's used in the book, you'll be credited, which is entitled The Miracle Has Landed
Scans are great, as long as they're readable/viewable. Please send inquiries or scans to Matt@metsilverman.com.
It's a 40th anniversary book, so we're looking for things between now and the first of the year so it can be out by the time the season starts. Thanks for your attention and let's see if we can bring a Miracle back to Shea...er, Citi...er, the Mets.

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