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by Kingman on November 25 at 6:05PM
Thumbnail image for Citi Field from Shea Stadium, September 14, 2008
Without revealing too much, I can tell you that some folks today did get new partial season tickets in Citi Field.

Folks who had at least six tickets in their plan got phone calls from the group sales office with promises of seats if they acted immediately. The 15-game plan included Opening Day and all weekday games.

The seats secured are not comparable to what folks had in Shea Stadium but they are in the new stadium.

The real good news: the prices were not outrageous. Tickets averaged about $33 per seat.

Tomorrow the plan details get posted. Congrats to those of you who have already got their 2009 plans secured.

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Doug said

Well, the information has been posted. No surprises here, as I nailed this on the head with my predictions a month ago when we got our refund letters.

I have looked over the offerings, and I am a bit disappointed in the big jump between the 15 game plans and the 40 game plans.

The 15 gmae plans seem very affordable, but are in less desireable areas of the park.

The 40 game plans are a big jump, and it seems they are not being offered in affordable areas of the park.

There is also a big disparity between rights for playoff games. Where the 40 game plans give you every other game (and not even in your seat!), the 15 game plans give you the right to buy pre-sale.... no guarantees...

Makes choices that much more interesting.... what to do.. what to do...

Everyone have a Great Thanksgiving!


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Eugene said

First, I'd like to thank the people who put this site together. I stumbled across it when looking for info on the demolition of my beloved Shea Stadium (I'll echo Todd Pratt's sentiments to its detractors), and have found myself checking back frequesntly to find out info about getting tix to our new "home" next year.

I'm afraid I have some bad news for the 7-Packers out there. My friend and I have been buying the 6 and 7 pack offerings since the Mets started offering them. When we attempted to sign up for a 15 game pack using the account number that my friend has with the Mets from previous year's, we thought we were in luck, since the Mets web site allowed us to plunk down a $250 per seat deposit on Wednesday. Well, our bubble was burst today, when he got a call from the Mets ticket office telling him that his deposit will be refunded, and that we don't qualify for a partial ticket plan at this time. I guess our loyal patronage doesn't count for anything, or maybe our money isn't green enough. Welcome to the new world folks.

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Doug said

Not to say that persons who purchased 6 or 7-packs are any bigger or less fans than those who have purchased partial plans in the past, but the Mets are doing this schlepping over to Citi in some type of order.

From what I have read here and on various blog / web-sites, it seems that the Mets have deemed when a plan holder is longevity and plan type, as some people have posted comflicting info based on plan-type alone -- meaning that seniority has something to do with the pecking order. Multiplying plan type (assigning a larger number for the old 55-game weekday plan, a mid-number for the old 25 game Tu/Fri and Mini-Plans, and a small number to the old 13-game Saturday and Sunday plans) and consecutive years of ownership gave them a number for each account holder. Then then line up these numbers from largest to smallest, and divide them into groups. Those with the largest numbers pick first, and so forth.

There are a lot of people who've had their plans for years, who should be taken care of first when it comes to relocation.

Hopefully there is room at the inn for all.


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Rickey24 said


It would be unfair to every partial planholder (Weekday Plan, Tuesday/Friday Plan, Mini Plan, Saturday Plan and Sunday Plan) who purchased at least 13 games last year if the Mets allowed 7 pack purchasers to purchase partial plans before them. You'll get a chance to purchase a partial plan starting on Wednesday December 17 after every 2008 partial planholder has had an opportunity to purchase a partial plan.

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dyhrdmet said

one thing i noticed is that the Mets have an official seating chart for Citi Field. No pricing info on the map, but it's a real visualization of how they section off the ballpark.

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Eugene said


You are missing my point. I didn't suggest that I was looking for another 7 pack offering. We were looking to upgrade to a 15 game pack in accordance with the plans that the Mets have made available. To draw a line between 13 games and 7 games is kind of arbitrary. People that purchased a guaranteed pack of tickets for many years should have some opportunity before the general public on sale date. I also don't disagree with the whole seniority/priority approach as those who have bought more games for a longer period of time should absolutely have a crack first. But to shut the 7 pack crowd out completely is wrong. We are customers too. Last year, We had 4 seats for 7 games (28 tickets), and get no consideration, while someone who had 2 seats for 13 games (26 tickets) can get tickets, no problem. Just doesn't seam fair.

[November 29, 2008 3:34 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Doug said

I don't think its fair to include the number of seats in any given plan when it comes to deciding pecking order. The only thing that the number of seats in your plan determine is how many seats you can purchase going forward, not when you can purchase.


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gene replied to Doug

Question-I had the 13 Sunday pack for the past 6 years. The Mets have my playoff money. Do I still need to log on before the 10th and guarantee my seats with $250 each??? That part is not clear.

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Eugene said


Again, I don't have any problem with establishing a pecking order in establishing who can buy tickets first. I agree completely. I made the number of seats comparison to point out that people that purchase 7 pack plans should be given consideration, and included in the pre-sale in some form. To draw a line and leave those people out in the cold to purchase tickets at the same time as the general public without any consideration of past purchase history is wrong. Thats all I'm trying to say.

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Kingman said

The biggest bummer is that, seniority aside, buying a 15 game pack means there is no guarantee for postseason tickets. Folks in the M-W-TH plan either add on even more tickets by upgrading to a 40 game plan, or take on less games and risk no playoff games. This may be a disappointing week for lots of fans.

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Doug said


What really really sucks is that there is no truly affordable plan that gets you guaranteed post-season tickets. And one of the biggest factors which will sway me away from a 40-game plan is that, even after shelling out more than $2,000 per seat, they don't even have the decency to let you have your seats for every other playoff game... The offer reads that you will get your tickets in an alternate location. What kind of crap is that? You could spend almost $10,000 for 4 tickets, with club access, then get put somewhere else in the ballpark (Prom Reserved) for the playoffs, with no club access.

The more and more I think about it, the less likely I am to buy a 40-game plan.

If the Mets offered a 40-game plan in Prom Reserved Seating, with playoff rights as stipulated, I'd pony up in a second.

The fact that the Mets are offering 40-game plans in prime locations in the park tells me that they are having trouble selling them.

I'm better off getting my 15-game plan, then using the money I didn't spend on the 40-game plan to buy the playoff tickets I want on the secondary market. I am sure that I can get playoff tickets for the difference in monies spent between the plans.


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rodney dangerfield said

the reason there has been such a hubub about plans is the fact that in 2000 they began offfering 7-game plans at all....prior to 2000 any package was given full playoff rights because they had the availability, not necessarily in your seat but rights to every game nonetheless. Once they started with six and seven game packs, which were in shitty seats but had soome playoff rights they managed to swindle money from people that werent even interested in 6 or 7 games but just wanted to go to the playoffs. This organization has routinely screwed with there plan holders. while i undestand your angst you must realize there are people who have had ticket plans for 25 years, on the field, and until a couple of weeks ago did not know if the were going to get seats at all. point being, you will be next in line for the 15 game pack andf will get your seats, just be patient with the inept people running the ticket office. as far as customers? i sat on the field for 25 years and last year my invoice for 13 games was over 4000, this year i cant even get a decent enough seat to spend more than 2400.....wow, what a rant, love the mets, hate the organization....would dump my tix if i could, but mentally, i will sit in there subpar seat locations to which they have shunned us

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