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by Kingman on November 23 at 5:23PM
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Some of us partial season folk got "the letter" this weekend. Loge13 loyalist Doug posted the jist of the letter in a previous comment, and as a public service I will reprint it here:

"Letter arrived from the Mets today. Partial Plan info to be made available on-line 11/26. (Dates, playoffs, etc.) All that is written now is there will be 2 40-gamers, 5 15-gamers. Sale to begin 12/3 via mets dot com in a two-stage process. Offerings to be based upon type of plan held in 2008. (No word about seniority). You will be permitted to buy the same number of seats, plus 2, across up to two plans. You can spread those seats over those plans. Once you pick the plans and seat categories, you will get an invoice 2 days later, with full payment 5 days after that. Wa-HOO!!! Looking forward to much reading next week. Cheers! "

So there you have it. I'm still processing the letter but it seems we have the rights to join TWO different plans and bulk up your current seat number by two. Seems awful generous, if so. Lets hope the Mets are equally generous with the pricing details on 11/26. Thanksgiving Eve seems an odd occasion to publish such vital information...unless you want to lessen the backlash by burying the news in a holiday haze.

Things are getting interesting!

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dyhrdmet said

when you said "Plan of Attack", I thought you meant you knew of a weak (steel) beam in Citi Field and were plotting on how to get in and make the new park come crumbling down. I agree - it does seem weird that Thanksgiving-eve is the day this info goes "public". I don't think they handled this transition very well. I wonder how they're going to announce individual tickets.

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Ceetar said

Thanksgiving seems a decent time as any. Allows for discussions with family maybe? hmm.

Seems fair enough to me from the looks of it, I'm actually looking to go from 4 seats to 3. hope that works out.

I doubt any real info about individual tickets will be available until February or march, as has been par across MLB for a couple of years though.

I wonder if any of the plans include opening day..


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Doug said

Well, the fact that the Mets are permitting plan owners to add, up to two seats, across two plans, puts me in particularly in a pickle.

I had a Tuesday / Friday plan, with 4 seats. That plan was about 25 games a year. Two 15-gamers at 4 seats a piece would be comparable. However, I won't be able to get 4 seats over 30 games, unless I buy a 40-gamer. All I could do with the 15 gamers is a 4 seater and a 2 seater....

Will have to wait and see when the details are out, but it looks as if I may have to cut down on Mets baseball, or take on the burden of having to move extra tickets.


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Doug said

Any one other thing... I really hope that the seat plan and picking process isn't a old fashioned land grab, and my seats will be at the mercy of what the computer thinks is the best available seat in that category....

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Glenn replied to Doug

Count on it.

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caryn said

It's not an odd time to announce it if you're going to put tickets on sale a week later, and are trying to keep the backlash from customers down to a minimum AND be able to downplay it in the press. From that point of view, it's a brilliant decision. I mean, who's busy over the holidays? I mean, people don't travel, go out of town, host family and other visitors, cook, deal with children, etc. Everyone has time to leisurely consider their options and pick up the phone to voice their opinion to the Mets.

Like I said, it was a brilliant decision. No one will have TIME to do anything but click.

And of course it's going to be first come, first served. I just hope it doesn't bring down the Mets website, and really hope the ticketmaster switch won't happen before 12/3. At least we know how to game the current site.

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