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by Kingman on November 22 at 9:04AM
Citi Field with letters missing near Shea Stadium

Citi Field_closeup_082008.JPG
On August 20th, 2008, I took these pictures of Citi Field. The construction crew had knocked off for the day, leaving the new stadium's sign in limbo. They eventually did finish the sign the next day bu given Citigroup's status, the ballpark may look like this again soon.

Citigroup closed Friday at $3.77 a share. ATM there are all kinds of unseemly rumors out there about what might happen to the namesake of the Mets new home. Normally, this would be a good time to mock CitiField and the decision that went into tearing down Shea...but these are not normal times. Things are rough out there and I hope everyone is hanging in there, still employed and not checking their 401K too often.

Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails and  comments. No I did not shut down Loge13.com.  After we got the letters about partial season ticket plans, I decided to take a few days off from Loge13. That turned into a few weeks and my longest stint away.

I have to admit, I also could no longer look at photos or watch videos of Shea Stadium coming down. I had grand designs to go to Shea each weekend and maybe pick through the rubble. Ultimately, this felt way too macabre and depressing. So in the words of some former Shea Stadium residents, I chose to Let It Be.

Also, there was this little thing called the financial meltdown. As a business journalist, the past few months have been like covering the invasion of Normandy in terms of historical magnitude. However, D-Day only happened on one day; this current thing just keeps going and going and - unlike that other war - we still don't know who the enemy is. The point is, you didn't see alot of war correspondents updating their blogs around June 6, 1944, did you? That's what I thought.

So I'll be slowly cranking up Loge13 again. Between Willets Point, new stadium details, the Shea memorabilia fiascos and the hundreds of e-mails y'all have sent me, there's lots to catch up on. Plus there all those fantastic moves the Mets have made to make the 2009 version even better than the 2008 team!!!!

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Dan said

Citi Fi, not be confused with "Tadium," which stands next door.


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dyhrdmet said

nice. I was there the night you took that picture, when the construction site said "Citi Fi". I actually arrived earlier than you when it just said "Citi". Even with the money I spend on memorabilia, I have nothing to show for it yet. Someday, I'll get my best Shea pictures up online.

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Doug said

Letter arrived from the Mets today.

Partial Plan info to be made available on-line 11/26. (Dates, playoffs, etc.) All that is written now is there will be 2 40-gamers, 5 15-gamers.

Sale to begin 12/3 via mets dot com in a two-stage process.

Offerings to be based upon type of plan held in 2008. (No word about seniority). You will be permitted to buy the same number of seats, plus 2, across up to two plans. You can spread those seats over those plans.

Once you pick the plans and seat categories, you will get an invoice 2 days later, with full payment 5 days after that.


Looking forward to much reading next week.


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dyhrdmet said

any info on the pricing of these plans - by comparison to where you were last year?

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Bobster said

The big question now is - what will the Mets new ballpark be called when the season opens? Citigroup might be out of existence by then. Shea Stadium kept its name for 44 years, but there's no way that's going to happen with the new park.

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Rickey24 said

The letter that Doug referenced above doesn't provide any pricing details. However, it provides that information on our Ticket Plan offerings and benefits, as well as the Terms and Conditions of your purchase of a partial plan, will be available at mets.com Wednesday, November 26.

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Paul said

Glad to have you back, Kingman!

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