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Question: What do stray cats and Met partial season ticket holders have in common?

Answer: There are presently no plans to relocate either party to Citi Field.

Back in July, 2007, I wrote a post about a possible plan to move Shea Stadium's stray cats to Citi Field (See "Fat Cats Sitting Pretty in Citi Field").

Today's Newsday has an update on the situation

Will it be known as Kitty Field?

At least one cat lover wants the Mets to bring Shea Stadium's feral felines to their new home, Citi Field.

"They're part of Mets lore," said Bryan Kortis of Neighborhood Cats, a Manhattan rescue group. "So why not keep them around?"

Since the ballpark opened in 1964, strays have occasionally scampered across the field during games, including one legendary 1969 incident when a black cat pranced in front of the Chicago Cubs dugout. The Mets went on to beat the Cubs for the National League East division title and won the World Series.

A spokeswoman for the city Parks Department said Shea staff believes only one or two cats live at the ballpark. She said when cats are caught, they are taken to shelters.

Anthony Rizzo, the parks department coordinator at Shea, said yesterday he's never seen cats at the stadium.

Kortis estimated the stadium may be home to 20 to 40 cats, based on Shea's size and its proximity to Flushing Bay, which makes the Willets Point section of Queens a haven for rodents.

"When they take out a tarp and roll it and a cat pops up ... it'd be unlikely there'd only be one or two," Kortis said.

The Mets referred questions about the cats to the parks department, which said there is no plan to move the cats to Citi Field. Kortis said cats could be useful at the new ballpark.

"They need cats there because they're right near the water, and if they don't have them, they're going to be overrun with rats," he said.

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Doug said

The cats? Are they kidding? The cats will find their own way across the parking lot to Citi-Field... Unless us, they can sneak in...

[October 3, 2008 3:00 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Mary Ellen said

I spoke with a Mets ticket rep yesterday to complain that I have heard nothing about partial plans being offered. He told me they will be offered but it is still unknown what type of plans.

When I mentioned that the Yankees are doing it he got all annoyed with me.

[October 3, 2008 9:02 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Wow, ME, that's very interesting. I hope want you heard is true. The Mets haven't returned my most recent calls about our plan.

We need to temper our joy and come together to act as a group and get better seating arrangements than they wish.

I doubt two seasons of late year breakdowns has helped season plans sales. We have leverage.

Also, everyone needs to mention that the Yanks are offering partial plans. And then mention it again.

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