— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on October 8 at 9:03AM
The Mets announced today the auction of various Shea Stadium stuff.

"Even though Shea Stadium has gone dark, and will be gone soon," we are told,  "Mets fans can bid for many items both inside and outside of their team's former home."

First of all, I prefer not to think of Shea as our team's FORMER home. The way Citi Field tickets have been positioned, Shea Stadium is, more accurately, the LAST home for real Mets fans...outside of our REAL homes from which we will be watching most if not all Met games for the rest of our lives.

But back to the auction. The first items up for bid are kind of a hodge-podge of random things around the stadium. Here's a bathroom door sign. Only $185.

No interest? OK, here's a 1991 Yearbook cover for only $250.

Already got one? OK how about the letter "S" from the top of Shea Stadium, for $2,500. But hold on Vanna White. There are two  "S''s up there. Which one am I buying? Wouldn't the  Shea "S" be more expensive than the Stadium "S"? Get me PriceWaterHouse Coopers, assuming they're still in business.

But speaking of not still in business, this has to be the most ridiculous item on the block:

AIG sign at Shea Stadium
Who would pay $1,375 for this? Hank Greenberg, maybe. But given that the U.S. government paid $85 billion to bail out AIG, doesn't Uncle Sam technically own this sign?

And since my tax dollars are supporting the current bailout, don't I technically own this sign?

In fact, I was told the cost of  the giant bailout/rescue plan per American family was roughly $2,300. That means, I already paid for this sign...and then some. Therefore, Mets organization, please send me my AIG outfield sign and a check for $925.

Unless you got some more cool bathroom signs.

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caryn said

Here's yet more reasons to be disgusted at this auction:

1) you know they have more of these things... they're implying scarcity by just putting this set up for auction.

2) many of these items were cheaper in the original on-sale.


oops, that has nothing to do with the auction.

But they are busy telling the beat writers that all of our accounts have been credited, as though that closes the matter.

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G-Fafif said

I must confess you had me Googling Hank Greenberg and AIG because for the life of me I had no idea what the Tigers first baseman from the 1930s had to do with any of this.

Why yes, my head does have 108 seams.

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Ron Hunt said

Right on Caryn, What is the damn story? Stop collecting a few basis points and refund the money since you're not offering us seats in Chiti-Field.

Or are you changing you're plans??????

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Bobster said

Greed, greed, greed. Pretty disgusting stuff. And they must think Mets fans are stupid.

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dyhrdmet said

i was actually thinking of this back in spring training for some reason (don't really remember why) - can the real fans form a union and go on strike until owners recognize that without us, the real fans who go to the games when they buy tickets, make noise, etc., there is no product to make money on? they players have a union, the owners essentially have one, why not the fans?

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Phil said

I have a few points. First, the Auction does state that the "S" for sale is the "S" in Stadium.

Second point, just like with any of these modern ball parks it is all about 1 thing. $$$$ They dont care about season ticket holders that have been around since the days of Seaver or Strawberry. All they want is $$$$. They Jack up ticket prices and the concessions are out of control.

My final point $869 for a freakin seat. So seats go to the Richest Fans, not the biggest fans. Why not do what Baltimore did with Memorial Stadium. Whatever fan wants to show up with his own wrenches can carry out 2 seats.

[October 31, 2008 1:22 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Phil said

COUNT ME FOR NOT PARKING ON SHEA. I always parked on what is now the Citi Field Pitchers mound. The past few years I have been doing the tran so I can get hammered.

Oh wait, Beers are probably going to be $12.75 a pop, so I might have to drive so I can drink in the parking lot before the game like I did before I was 21.

OK, with that in mind I promise I WILL TRY NOT to park on top of Stadium. If I have to, I will park where the Field was, they drove cars on the field.

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