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Shea Stadium closeup on last day at Shea 092808
Cousin Bob drives by Shea every night while coming home from work. Last night, he reported that the lights were on and crews were hard at work.

They had a crane going in the outfield and the seats in the right field upper deck appeared to be gone already. 

A few of you have also sent along this link from the NY Daily News' site today. They have published a short slide show chronicling the deconstruction project so far.

The city is taking Shea's spare parts to use throughout the Parks system.

I gotta be honest: it is really freaky to see photos of Shea getting dismantled. In January we moved to a new house. After three kids, the Kingman brood had outgrown our original home. We had to do it but seeing the old house still brings back memories. And (geniuses that we are), we only moved around the corner so I see my old house every day! The new owners are doing construction too so I'm living this slide show all the time.

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Melissa said

What's going to happen to the neon players from the outside?

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Nick Piccora said

I'm going to miss Shea. It gave me great memories. I was lucky enough it see the last Mets win at Shea, and got the last 3 outs on video. The one thing that will get me mad is that if the Mets win the World Series in Citi Field in their first year. I will always say to may self, "Why couldn't they do it for Shea." And if I'm lucky enough to get tickets to see the Mets in Citi Field I will never park where Shea used to be. I'll park where I've parked all year. Right under the Highway. LETS GO METS!

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mark provenzano said

I'm really going to miss Shea. I first went to there a couple of days after it opened in 1964. I was 11 years old. Through all those years I've seen some pretty bad games along with some absolutely great ones.

Shea was always my second home. No matter how bad the Mets were or how good they were I will always treaure the moments I had in that beautiful ballpark.

You can have your Yankee Stadium and your Fenway Park, Shea was my cathedral, my home. The memories of being there with friends and family, cheering on our team will be with me forever.

A fan had a banner at the last game at Shea. It simply said: "I came to SHEA I love you, before I SHEA goodbye". That said it all for me.

I too will never park on the land where Shea stands. To me it is hallowed ground, full of memories of family and friends, of ballgames and ballplayers who are now gone but never forgotten.

Shea Stadium will live forever in my heart and the hearts of all Met fans.

Goodbye my dear old friend.

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Shea said

Shea Deconstruction photo blog @
www SheaGoodye.blogspot.com

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Claudia said

This all makes me really sad. I remember going to the World's Fair when I was 5, and Shea had just opened. I remember going to my first live ballgame there when I was 12. We had seats in the Mezzanine, and walking out and seeing that brilliant green field in person was really amazing. I remember walking on the field for Banner Day, watching Game 6 from the upper deck and witnessing that Grand Slam single. I remember meeting my childhood heroes Cleon Jones and the late Tommie Agee in the Diamond Club when I was in my 30s, and how gracious they were - I felt like a 12 year old fan again.

The hardest part of this Shea goodbye has been not being able to get to a game this year - I moved to Texas last year, and while I love it here, there is nothing that approaches the magic of a game at Shea.

At least it got a fitting farewell! So long Shea!

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jon said

i am very upset that part of my childhood is being taken away from me. i had been going to shea since 1972. that means that i have been going there over half of my life. shea was and always be a very important part of my life to the day die. people may dislike the mets. but as for me i will always and forever be a NEW YORK METS fan. so so long old friend i will really and truly miss u shea. you gave me alot of thrills and good times that i will never ever forget.

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