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Loge_dismantle_Newsday.jpgNewday published a great slideshow of the dismantling of Shea Stadium. They took quite a few pictures from Loge 17. Very tough to look at but here's the link...

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dyhrdmet said

aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! [inaudible shriek]

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Stan said

Yesterday, my phone rang in the middle of the day. The caller-id had that familiar "718-507" exchange. I couldn't imagine who could be calling me. Maybe Omar wanted to invite me to tag along to the Winter meetings.

No such luck, but there was other good news, as someone from the Mets was calling to verify the shipping address for my pair of oranges. Six to eight weeks, they're telling me, and hopefully they haven't washed the boiled hot dog smell out of them.

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JayVee421 said

Hello to all Met fans still looking for stadium seats Go to
Archer Seating Clearinghouse
They have old wooden seats & also modern plastic seats
(like at Shea) The prices are even more AMAZIN'( ha ha)Like a single seat from Tiger stadium for $250 Or a double from Camden Yards for 350.They even have seats you can customize yourself. I might get a cheap pair paint them either orange or blue, probably blue since MY old seats were in the Loge
And i'll have stadium seats. Not Shea seats but stadium seats non the less. Check it out!

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