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by Kingman on October 9 at 2:12PM
Shea Stadium September 25, 2008
A few unrelated items I wanted to quickly post:

* In the 12 days since Shea's last game, I've noticed Met fans go right from depression to outright anger. The Shea auction has inspired alot of perturbed posts throughout the blogiverse. This item on Kranepool Society is just one example. I'm sure the economy is not helping our moods either. In fact, the two are related. Met ownership seems oblivious to the circumstances affecting its customer base. Hence, the constant spam about trying to sell off our favorite stadium - including $185 generic bathroom signs -  to the highest bidders.

* While Mets ownership has wasted no time selling off Shea Stadium's spare parts (and spare "S"s - only $2,500!), they have been less aggressive returning our actual money we all laid out for postseason tickets. As has been noted in the comments of other posts, what are they waiting for? As partial season ticket holders, we're  used to the Mets holding our cash as down payments on next year's tickets, a neat trick that lets them pocket the interest while creating the illusion that we're a part investor in the team. Since no ticket plans have been offered, what's the hold-up?

* On an earlier post, Mary Ellen commented that she called the Mets ticket office and asked about the status of partial season tickets at Citi Field. According to ME: "He [the ticket guy] told me they will be offered but it is still unknown what type of plans.

When I mentioned that the Yankees are doing it he got all annoyed with me."

Therefore, I encourage all of you to call the Mets ticket office at 1-718-507-TIXX (8499) and ask if and when the Mets plan to offer partial season tickets for Citi Field. I just did and was told Mets management has been in meetings "almost every day" since the season ended and we should hear something in the next few weeks or the next 1-2 months.

That number again is 718-507-TIXX

* Finally, a couple of Loge13 commenters have said that, in honor of Shea Stadium, they will never park over the hallowed ground of Shea's field next year or ever. I think that's a great tribute and I will do the same.

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dyhrdmet said

I actually thought it was disgusting that pieces of Shea were being sold off at such high prices through MeiGray. but i bought from them because i wanted some pieces. not to mention the very high prices on the pairs of seats (which haven't sold out yet!! what does that say?) when i saw the auction the other day, i thought that this is ridiculous. i can't even come up with a scathing remark about how i feel about all this. i like the idea of not parking over Shea's footprint. i usually take the train, so it won't be a concern for me. i hope there's no chalk outline of shea, because that would be rubbing it in the wrong way to the real fans.

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Rickey24 said


Great work as usual. Here are a couple of articles today about the current economy and its potential effect on ticket sales at Citi Field.



My take is that once the Mets have their full season ticket holders locked in (they have paid their full invoices - according to one of the articles it appears that payment in full for full season plans is due sometime in November), the Mets will then start to release details about partial plans so that no one who has placed a deposit for full season tickets can back out at the last minute and downgrade to a partial plan.

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SCL said

I'm a Saturday plan holder (since 1994). Called the office earlier this week to ask for a refund on my playoff tickets. Was told I need to wait for them to send me a letter with the instructions to get my refund. I asked if they could give me the instructions on the phone and they said I need to wait for the letter. Huh?

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Bill said

The footprint of the base paths including the Home plate area of Shea will be outlined in the parking lot.

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Eli said

I had similar results as SCL did. I emailed them about my refund, and they responded via email saying that letter would be coming "expeditiously". Right. I then asked about the partial plans for Citi Field and they sent me the EXACT same statement they sent me in July. Weak.

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Doug said

I drove by Shea twice last week -- once on the way to LGA on Monday, and once on the way home, Thursday.

The seats were all removed by Monday. I noticed the foul poles gone on Thursday. The City has setup fences all around the perimeter, limiting access to the site. I did see some fans (some with baby in tow) taking pictures as I drove down Roosevelt Ave.)

I don't think the Stadium will be down in time for Opening Day -- I think there is too much to remove and not enough time given the way they need to take it down -- i.e. - no implosion, no wrecking ball.

Refund letters usually never show up until after the last out of the World Series. I don't expect to receive anything until the end of October regarding a refund. I am just curious how much money the Mets are going to retain, since the Mets didn't make the post-season.

What you say? Indeed, the Mets invoked the Choke Clause in case they didn't make the post-season. Your letter may have read that you'd get a refund for all games not played, including fees. However, the reverse side of your tickets reads that "If the Mets fail to advance to the NLDS, the Mets reserve the right to deduct a fee for the issuing and handling of post-season tickets." I wonder how much that will be... Had they made it, they'd be able to keep $6x the number of seats sold... Who knows what they will keep.

The Mets did sell out their suites. Read that in Newsday, today.

Don't bother calling them. They aren't going to tell you anything because it would tip their hand. They are going to try to sell as many full-season plans as they can. With the market crashing, this can only mean good news for us partial plan holders.

It is my opinion that something will be offered. It would be nice to know when we get our refund letters, but I think Thanksgiving will be the time when we will know what we'll officially be offered.


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Rob said

Just called ticket information regarding a refund on my playoff tickets and got the same line about a letter coming in the mail shortly. I told them that they're holding MY MONEY and that I need something better than "shortly" especially since I won't be renewing after 10 years of loyalty because of the way we've been treated. I was told to expect something next week. Probably not true but I thought I'd share.

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caryn said
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caryn said

and i still think we should call and annoy them. i mean, what else could the ticketing people be DOING right now??

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Doug said

Honestly, calling them is just bush league. Think of the poor operators who are going to have to take all these calls from complaining partial plan holders? There will come a time when they, too, will have had enough. And about my playoff money? I'd be lucky to make $4 on the interest that the $1500 or so I laid out would make me in a month. Besides, I am sure that the Mets will have to pay the juice to refund your money by Credit Card, as they had to pay the juice when they charged you back in September.

Those answering the phone will not be able to tell you anything that they are not told to. I am sure the think-tank over there is trying to figure out the end-game. They were thrown a couple of curves they probably had the blinders on for....

1. Market crashing -- There are going to be a lot of people who would have bought big-ticket seats but are now not going to buy.

2. Choke -- The Mets failed to qualify for the playoffs... There will likely be less interest in tickets now.

3. Backlash from the sale of PSL's over in Jersey -- Long time fans have been venting their frustration of having to give up tickets they've had for generations because of the need to buy PSL's at $5-10k per seat...

I am sure that Mets Brass hadn't thought all these things could focus at the same time... I am sure their business model didn't predict this...

So they need to come up with Plan B, and fast, because I feel they only had a Plan A.

Let us hope that all the affordable seats aren't taken by those who had Field Level Seats at Shea...


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Rickey24 said

Rob: I called the ticket office last Friday and got the same response you did. As of yesterday, there was still no letter in the mail re: refunds.

Caryn: I read your post on your blog and it is spot on. The Yankees have been far ahead of the Mets with respect to their relocation plan.

Doug: While I agree with you that the Mets ticket office won't give us many of the answers we are looking for, I agree with Caryn that people should still call and annoy them anyway. After all, the Mets are earning interest on the money that we paid them for post-season tickets. While I am not about to plead poverty, I think I should have that money ASAP especially given the current economic climate.

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Paul said

What if we take them to court. They gave us 15 days to have the money in for playoff tickets. If we dont get it back in 15 days we should get interest. Seems fair they sould pay us extra for holding our money.

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what's the point said

You won't be parking in the parking lot next year?

That won't be a big sacrifice -- just wait and watch omar do jack shit this winter like has has in the past.

No credit for signing beltran and trading/signing santana: we were third choice and omar can thank bosox and spanks for passing to give us a shot.

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omarisnotracistjuststupid said

"The footprint of the base paths including the Home plate area of Shea will be outlined in the parking lot."

Where will the toilet bowl omar was sitting on when he cooked up two years for julio franco and four years for luis castillo be?

How about the couch he slept on when the 2008 trading deadline passed?

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omarisnotracistjuststupid said

"The footprint of the base paths including the Home plate area of Shea will be outlined in the parking lot."

Where will the toilet bowl omar was sitting on when he cooked up two years for julio franco and four years for luis castillo be?

How about the couch he slept on when the 2008 trading deadline passed?

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Roger said

Hey All:

I haven't called in yet for my refund, but when I do so later this week, if they give me that crap about waiting for a letter, I'm going to kindly ask to speak with their supervisor and advise him/her that either they cut a check within 24 hours or they can expect to hear from my lawyer. At $1500, it's worth it in my opinion (lawyer is a good friend of mine and won't charge to make the phone call).

I don't see how there's any gray area here. If you bought something from a store for $1500 and were told explicitly that refunds were allowed, and went back to the store, you wouldn't expect them to make you wait 2 weeks+ for that money...

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