— Days Without Shea —

 Empty Shea Stadium _loge13_101408.jpg
Matthew from MetsBlog.com was allowed into Shea Stadium Monday.

It must have felt a bit like going to the morgue to identify the body.

Nevertheless, he took a pile of amazing photos and has posted them here for your viewing.

I like this one on the left. You can almost see Loge13 from this angle. Man this is a creepy site.

Also, in case you missed it, The Home Run Apple - ya know, the one the Mets said was to fragile to move?

Well they moved it.

There are some photos floating around, both on SheaGoodbye and also SaveTheApple.com.

We had all been led to believe the Apple would stay where it was. The Mets had officially said Citi Field would have its own new Apple. Where the original one is now going is unknown at this point. Kinda like the partial season ticket holders.

The Apple guys surmise that maybe they are just moving the Apple so it doesn't get damaged by the upcoming deconstruction. Lets hope so.

Hey Apple guys - you did everything you could. Thanks for trying.

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caryn said

Not one to defend the Wilpon$, but if you look at the Apple, all they took (so far at least) was the actual Apple and the "home run" overlay.

They said the apple couldn't be moved because the hydraulics were ancient, and they weren't sure they would survive the move. Given that they stopped working more than a few times this year (that Rangers rainout being one of them), I felt that this was, at least, a true statement.

The fact that the apple is gone now but the top hat is still there either means:
1) they were telling the truth or
2) someone bought the apple or
3) they're just halfway through moving it.

I tend to believe 1 or 2, because if they were moving the whole thing they wouldn't have cut out the HOME RUN overlay.

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Ron Hunt said

Kingman - you may want to consider some type of warning when showing pictures with such disgusting graphic detail. I'm sick to my stomach.

Will this year's Mets' misery never end?

[October 14, 2008 4:38 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Doug said


This photo is of the 3rd base side, peering into the visitor's dugout, probably from a vantage point near the pitcher's mound, not the first base side.

With regards to the apple... It looked tired and fragile in the photos. Let us assume they will put a new one in CitiField, and then put this one back on the fan-walk. It probably could use some refurbishing after 30 years outdoors. In addition, imagine the cries if something fell on it during demolition and crushed it. They probably need to move in heavy equipment to remove the scoreboard, light tower, and speaker foundations. One of the photos showed a neon sign company hauling it... so maybe it is getting a makeover.

The Home Run overlay was always removeable, as it used to read, "Mets Magic"

If anyone sees a big red apple in a dump truck....... make sure its heading to the HOF in Cooperstown.


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