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by Kingman on September 19 at 9:29AM
This story has been popping up all summer...

Supposedly, New York, The Wilpons and Major League Soccer have been discussing bringing a second team to the city. There were originally reports that the franchise would play in Citi Field but the Mets quashed that rumor in a press release.

This week, the story has the Mets possibly building a soccer stadium...on the site of Shea Stadium. This seems silly for many reasons. In no particular order:
  •  Don't the Wilpons need that space for parking?
  • Isn't there a giant park just over Roosevelt Avenue where a soccer stadium could be built?
  • Wouldn't the home run apple look funny in a soccer stadium?
That last point has me thinking...could Shea Stadium possibly survive after all? Maybe they could just reconfigure her for soccer. It's done everything else, from Popes to Pop concerts. The more I think about it, the better I like this idea. I bet I could even afford a partial-season plan for the new soccer team.

Here's the story from the Queens Chronicle:

More than 25 years after the last Jets game played at Shea Stadium, Queens might finally get to see a different kind of football — namely, soccer.

In the last couple of months, Major League Soccer officials, Councilman Hiram Monserrate (D-Corona) and a particularly rabid bunch of fans touted the idea of Queens pro-soccer, played approximately where the Mets’ pitching mound is today.

“The league is looking for football fans and there are plenty of those who don’t want to go to New Jersey to see it,” said Nick Laveglia, the president of Borough Boys Soccer Club.
Laveglia met with Mets’ owner Fred Wilpon after getting the backing of Monserrate, who represents a heavily-Latino council district, with plenty of rabid soccer fans.
And according to a report last Thursday from the mayor’s office, the Mets are seriously considering the purchase of a Major League Soccer club — with the first corner kicks and visits by Los Angeles Galaxy’s soccer superstar, David Beckham, perhaps starting as early as 2011.

 With the details remaining sketchy, the plan generally has any proposed soccer stadium near Shea Stadium, which will be demolished after the Mets move to Citi Field, scheduled to open next season.
Currently, the MLS has 14 teams in the U.S. and Canada, including the Galaxy, which recently signed Beckham, the international soccer sensation with the famous corner kick, to a $600 million, four-year contract.
The proposed Queens team would be the second pro soccer club in the tri-state area, joining the New York Red Bulls, who play at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.
However, any kickoff in Flushing Meadows is still far from being a done deal. According to Bloomberg News, discussions between the league and the Mets were only in the preliminary stages.
But league officials seemed favorably inclined to give the New York area another pro soccer team. “A second team in New York would provide a true local rivalry for the Red Bulls and increase the overall popularity of the team nationally,” said MLS vice president, Dan Courtemanche.


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d said

the trend in major league soccer is to build soccer specific stadiums that fit about 25,000 (to correlate with demand and create the best soccer atmosphere and capture the most revenue), so though it would seem a good idea to reuse a stadium, keeping shea for soccer isn't feasible and won't happen

[December 12, 2008 3:20 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kofi_x5 said

They should put a pro NY team here in the first place.

[December 12, 2008 3:21 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kofi_x5 said


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