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by Kingman on September 24 at 2:23PM
Shea Stadium and Citi Field, September 22, 2008
Back in August, I posted about a reader in Canada named Andrew, who was planning a trip to see Yankee and Shea Stadiums before they both meet their makers.

Andrew asked what he should do in Shea to ensure he had the ultimate experience. I posted some ideas, y'all added more and the fine folks at Faith&Fear did the same.

The bad news: Andrew's game at Shea got rained out.

The good news: sounds like he had a better time at Shea than Yankee Stadium anyway. Here is his report:

Well, just back from NY, and sorry to report that the game last Friday was rained out (and Santana was supposed to start - gah!). The makeup game was, of course, scheduled for the time we had tickets to, ahem, another baseball team in the city. Anyway, I can say that I enjoyed hanging out at Shea for a couple of hours. Our seats in the mezzanine section were covered, so the rain was no problem. Sat, had a sausage, a couple of beers, and talked to folks around us. Nice people, everyone we met. Got a Mets hat, took a ton of photos, ventured up to the upper deck as you suggested, visited the Agee homerun marker. When they finally announced the game was postponed, I said goodbye, and we went out and caught a train.

But the best part of the experience was that we were staying just a stop away from Shea, so everytime we left our hotel and caught a train, we passed her. I said to my father at the end of the weekend, Yankee Stadium feels like that cold, uptight, popular girl who says hi to you once, but Shea feels like an old friend. I loved catching glimpses of that orange and blue hulk as the 7 train sped by, those gaudy neon baseball players, and they way it loomed over Citi Field.

Anyway, too bad there was no game, but I can honestly say I enjoyed my trip to Shea, thanks especially to your suggestions.

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Brad said

I admire your dedication to the stadium. We just returned from our trip to Yankee & Shea. We found Shea to be, well, a little unkept.

We're actually trying to see a game in every stadium, which made both NY stadiums mandatory viewing this year.

Are you going to keep up this blog once Shea is gone?

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Kingman said

It's true Shea is a bit untidy these days. At this time of year, the stadium traditionally gets a bit ragged but the situation is worse in 2008. Clearly the Mets are not putting much into the infrastructure this year. Floors are unpainted, more seats are broken than usual. But that's part of the charm...

As for the future of Loge13, we'll discuss that in the off-season...

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