— Days Without Shea —

Today's Braves/Mets game marked the last visit ever to Shea Stadium for my kids. It was a great day at the park and a horrible day for the Mets.

Any parent knows there is not much baseball-watching to be done when you take three kids to a game. Sadly, we saw enough to see the Mets blow a 4-2 lead in the 9th and lose 7-4.

But we won't dwell on the final score. Instead, I'm going to post a few highlights from today in celebration of Shea. It's where my Dad took me for my first Met game and where I have had the honor of bringing my three boys to their inaugural baseball experiences.

I still have a couple more games left at the stadium but for them, Shea is now a memory. I hope it will always be a good one for them.

Actually, the best comment of the day was overheard as I took the photo below of Shea Stadium and Citi Field. Some kid behind me said to his Mom, "The new stadium is nice but I like Shea better." That got my attention and I eavesdropped in when his Mom asked him why he felt that way. "Because Shea is blue and orange and that's the Mets colors," the kid said. "The other stadium doesn't have any of those colors. Shea is much cooler." Take notes, Wilpons.

Shea Stadium and Citi Field on September, 14, 2008

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