— Days Without Shea —

As previously mentioned, Jim from Joisey sent along some tasty visual treats from his time at Shea two weekends back.

Here are some studies of the folks who really make Shea run:
Shea Stadium grounds crew with hose
I have always loved coming to Shea Stadium early and watching these guys transform the field. I wrote about this a few months back but it's worth repeating these wonderfully trivial facts about Shea:

The outfield grass is kept at seven-eighths of an inch, down from 1 1/4 inches a few years ago, because the Mets want to emphasize speed.

– Ever wonder how they get those stripes and patterns in the outfield grass? The color of the stripes depends on the mower path: a dark stripe indicates that the grass has been mown toward you; a light stripe indicates that it has been mown away from you.

– Home plate and the pitcher’s mound are heavy clay. The infield dirt is 60 percent sand, 25 percent clay and 15 percent silt.

– Grounds crew guys get paid around $21/hour.


I don't know how much the ushers make but our Loge13 dude is retiring this year. Here's to the men in Orange!


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