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by Kingman on September 30 at 6:52PM
One of the benefits of section Loge13 was its proximity for many years to Casey's Pub. Besides a better food selection, Casey's also had better beer available and on tap too. Plus there were TV's in Casey's...and heat on those wicked cold nights.

Casey's was shut down many seasons ago (allegedly due to an underage drinker getting busted). Casey's was shut down and the staff moved up to the Grill Room up near the Mets Hall of Fame.

On Sunday, roving Loge13 reporter Ron Hunt took some final footage of one of Shea Stadium's best little secrets:

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Eli said

Since Shea is going I will report how I used to sneak into the Grill room without a pass. I would enter through suite area where the broadcast booth was and just walk down the hall to the back door of the Grill room. For a while I used to be able to just walk right in, go right to the bar and oreder a beer. One time I brought my future wife in that way and we sat ourselves down at a table. The waitress came by to take our order and we didn't have a menu. She was surprised we didn't get one when we came in. She was obviously unaware we had snuck in, and just took our order, and we had a lovely meal. Then on one of my trips there, there was a security guard posted. That time, I was denied entry. But I was ready the next time. I was with a friend and said just stay behind me and keep quiet. When I got to the guard, I looked confused and asked, "Isn't there a gift shop down here?" The guard opened the door and said, "walk through the bar, and its in the lobby". "Oh, thank you very much." My friend and walked on through, and when the door closed, we made a quick left toward the bar, and enjoyed ourselves. That method worked another 10 times through the next 5 seasons or so. (That is until this year, when I tried it and there was a security guard who wouldn't even let me go down the hall.) I impressed many friends with that maneuver. When we were done, we would leave through the front door and gazed lovingly at the Mets Hall of Fame along with the two World Series trophies (check out my photos from last season on Loge13). In 2001, there was the extra added pleasure of showcasing the National League Championship Trophy, (which appears to go from team to team much like the Stanley Cup.) So, I will miss the Grill Room too, and the way it used to make me feel it was MY stadium.

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