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by Kingman on September 22 at 10:23AM
Let me get this straight: we have a perfectly functional Shea Stadium that is being torn down this winter.

Meanwhile, we have an absolutely dreadful bullpen that no one is talking about applying a wrecking ball to. Where is the justice?

Sunday's finale in Atlanta was wretched. I am now at the point where I fully expect the bullpen to blow the lead, every time. Unfortunately, they seem to be of the same mind.

Schoenweis put the Mets in jeopardy within minutes of entering the game but it was Heilman (again) who put the game out of reach by letting the Braves tack on two extra runs after taking a 5-4 lead. Because of his universal innefectiveness, Delgado's massive 2-run blast was not a game changer, just an uncomfortable moment for the Braves.

This situational bullpen management has gone too far now. I much prefer what Manuel did Saturday night. Stick Stokes out there and make him go two innings. Heilman and Schoenweis are clearly done for the year. We need a guy to step up and be the long reliever...except instead of being a bridge to the closer, he is the closer. I've said it before - the difference between the Mets of 2006 and the '07 and '08 varieties is Darren Oliver. We haven't had an innings eater since then and it shows. BTW, Oliver is on the Dodgers now and most likely heading to another post season.

I'll be at Shea tonight and pretty much every night until the last day. Lets hope the Cubs are too hung over to play.

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