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by Kingman on September 9 at 8:34AM
billy wagner at Shea Stadium
According to the Shea Stadium Doomsday Clock, our beloved has only 19 official days of life in her (of course, if we are in first 19 days from now, Shea gets a reprieve!).

Sadly, on Sunday the clock in Billy Wagner's left arm ticked down to zero. Not only is he done for the year but probably all of 2009 as well. That means his Mets career is likely over, and possibly his baseball career as well.

We've seen alot of relief pitchers trot past Loge13 over the years. From Sisk to Looper, almost all of them had one thing in common - they stunk. Aside from Jesse Orosco, there have been no closers in the past 25 years that, when seen strolling from left field in tight situations, made Met fans exhale with confident relief. And don't get me started on John Franco.

For a brief time, Wagner was an honest to goodness CLOSER. He looked a bit psycho and had no problem buzzing hitters and taking back the inside of  the plate. Heck, he even took Spankee Mo's theme music without apology. Wagner had used "Enter Sandman" in Houston and Philly and dammit he was gonna use it in NY too. Kiss off, Yankee fans. Gotta love it.

Wagner also spoke his alpaca-addled mind in the clubhouse, which may have cost him a few Christmas cards along the way (as well as a lifetime membership in the Lastings Milledge Fan Club). Oh well. Wagner was a throw back. We won't see the likes of him again.

With all that said (and Billy, if you're reading this, avert your eyes), I can't quite figure out why I'm not too broken up over this news. Wagner had already blown seven saves this year and even if the doctors declared him fit for duty, I was expecting a few more blown opportunities before Shea's implosion.

I'm fine with bullpen by committee for the rest of the year. I'll worry about the 2009 bullpen as soon as the Mets take care of more pressing matters...like offering us a partial-season ticket plan in Citi Field.

Meanwhile, can Daniel Murphy pitch?

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Chris said

Well said, Kingman. This is the best Mets blog out there. Keep up the good work!

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