— Days Without Shea —

We hope Shea Stadium still has a few more glorious days ahead of her, no matter what the Doomsday clock says.

The debate over the date of Shea's most glorious day will go on forever. But for Loge13 Oracle Ron Hunt, there is no doubt when that day occurred. Here are his recollections:

Tomorrow, 9/24, is (in my humble opinion)the most famous day in Shea / Mets history (I voted it #1), along with some very special personal highlights.

When  the Cards Joe Torre grounded into the game-ending double play in 1969, it ended all those years of futility, the Mets finally won something, the Eastern Division title, the first year it was in existence. What a great game starting with the first inning homers from Donn Clendenon (who hit another later in the game) and the Glider Ed Charles. Rookie Gary Gentry never looked back, 6 - 0. It was special and would have been even if they hadn't beaten the Braves and then the Orioles to win it all. It was a shock to the system even though the Mets had moved into first two weeks earlier. Who would have thunk it?

It was Fan Appreciation Day, (somewhere I still have the Mets keychain they gave out), I was there with my Dad, caught my first ball (off Tommie Agee), got to go on the field, grabbed some grass and I appeared in the Daily News on the field. Quite a memory for a thirteen year old.

Awesome. If there was only day you could be at Shea, that may have been it. And tomorrow we will celebrate in Loge13.

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Bobster1985 said

That was indeed a great day in Shea history. I remember watching the game on TV like it was last week. The two homers that blew the game open right off the bat, the awesome game pitched by Gentry, and Joe Torre bouncing into the game-ending double play. But I wouldn't rate it as Shea's greatest moment. The Mets would have won the division championship the next day or the day after, so the significance of the game was secondary to the emotional lift it gave the fans. I'd choose three games as greater - games 6 and 7 of the '86 series, and game 5 of the '69 series. But hey, maybe new history will be made in the next month!

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