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by Kingman on September 11 at 2:03PM

New York Met Jose Reyes sets steal record at Shea Stadium on September 10, 2008

An historic night at Shea Stadium. Jose Reyes stole his 282nd base, surpassing Mookie Wilson for the Mets team record. More importantly, the Mets beat the Nationals 13-10. As you can see from the scoreboard, the Phillies fell to the Marlins, giving the Mets a 3.5 game lead in the NL East. With only 17 games to play! What could possibly go wrong in 17 games?!?!?

I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness, as this was also one of the last games I will ever attend in Loge13. We have one more home game against the Cubs, then our partial plan is no more, after 24 years. The Loge13 die-hards will all be at the 9/24 game that week: the last time this auspicious group will gather in the seats of our youth and now middle age (well for me, I'm still a youth.) The Mets could alleviate some of this melancholy by announcing some partial season migration plans in September as previously rumored but alas, we have heard nothing.

Already changes are occurring at Shea Stadium. I noticed some of the banners, such as the Robin Ventura and Piazza photos that hung over the Gate D entrance, have been taken down.

Are they already burying Shea-sar, before I'm done praising him?

The game itself last night was fantastic. Reyes stole third shortly after setting the record, then scored on a Wright single. The Mets had a 7-1 lead after the 3rd inning, but slowly let the Nats back in. Heilman gave up a game-tying 2-run homer to Christian Guzman. Christian's homer sailed over Church's head but for the life of me, I can't figure out any way to make humor from these spiritual monikers so you're on your own.

The Mets came back with four runs in the 7th, yet Stokes quickly gave back three of them. Enter David Wright, whose 8th inning home run cemented the lead.

This Sunday, I am taking the Kingman brood to their last game ever at Shea Stadium. Tears will be shed as sweet Shea's moments quickly slide away.

Moments like this: here is the Shea crowd chanting for "Jose" after he set the record. I don't think this sing-along will sound quite so nice anywhere else:

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Bobster1985 said

9/24 is a historic date in Mets history - they clinched their very first division title at Shea on 9/24/69. So think about that as you say goodbye to Shea that day.

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