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jerry moralesLots of folks are paying tribute to Shea Stadium in our might ball park's last month of life.

Here is a good one from a blog called "Notes From a Dead Avenger".

The author, a 38-year-old writer from NY, wrote his Farewell to Shea Stadium Wednesday. I encourage you to go and read the entire post here.

he Dead Avenger provides a couple of great memories, including Opening Day 1983 when the starting pitcher was...I'm sure many Loge13 readers know the answer (no not Jerry Morales).

The DA also tells a great tale about an Old-Timer's day when his dad worked some connections:

"When we arrived at the stadium we were met by a friend of the family, who was a transit cop. Again nothing occurred to me and I thought it was mere coincidence. We spoke briefly and he called for someone on his radio. Another officer arrived and our friend told us to go with him. Now I knew something was going on.

The officer led us through areas of the stadium I had never been before and it seemed as though we were walking forever. When we finally arrived at our destination (wherever that was) the cop pushed open a door and I found myself standing in the Mets bullpen, mouth agape.

I was completely and utterly overwhelmed. My senses were bombarded by views and sounds I had seen only from a distance, or on television. Met relievers Bob Apodaca and Skip Lockwood were warming up. I can’t remember what they said to me, if anything, but both signed my 1980 Mets Yearbook.

I was allowed on to the field briefly and there I encountered Jerry Morales, so-so hitting outfielder who also signed my yearbook. I remember thinking how tall and sweaty he was. Last, but certainly not least, the officer prevailed on manager Joe Torre and coach Joe Pignatano to also sign for me. Again I have no memory of what they said to me. I remember Torre looking somewhat amused.

As soon as that little visit began it was over. I took one last fleeting look at the stadium from a vantage point I would never have again and locked it away. To see Shea from that angle (and with my ten-year old sensibilities) was like seeing a cathedral, but from the altar. Very few memories have eclipsed that one, baseball or otherwise."

Please pay the Avenger a visit and thank him for sharing. As we find more Shea tributes, we'll be posting them Loge13.com

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