— Days Without Shea —

Tom Seaver 1969 mural at Shea Stadium
Shea Stadium is 34 days from official extinction (that is, if we fail to make the post season). Folks are making their last journeys to Shea and writing about their experiences.

Last week, of course, old friend Ross Jones made his last appearance at Shea Stadium. Here are a few other memorializations:

Stephen Forte made his final pilgrimage to Shea last Thursday.  Stephen estimates he has made about 813 appearances on Flushing's hallowed ground and even worked there for a spell. Forte pays his respects here.

Meanwhile, ThrowingWaffles.com writes of her ongoing love affair with a doomed paramour. Her opening graf speaks for most Met fans:

The first time I caught a glimpse of Shea Stadium through the windows of the 7 train, I shivered. And got all teary. The second time, too. Every time since then? I crane my neck, waiting for that first peek, all thoughts of the endless train rides to get to this point forgotten. And yeah, I still get a little shiver.

It only gets better from there.

We'll keep posting the best of the best tributes to Shea Stadium as the days dwindle.

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Mike S. said

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Lets Go Mets!

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