— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on August 30 at 9:18AM
Here in Loge13, I've been posting the best Shea Stadium tributes as I find them.

Folks are coming from all over the world to say their goodbyes. Last week in Loge13, we met a nice older couple from Cleveland that was paying their respects.
 Here's a blog called Irish Eagle, whose author came from a bit further east than Cleveland.

The Irish Eagle came for his final Met game August 7th and wrote the experience up.

The best part: he was so moved by his last game, he came back for another last game!

Thanks for the post.

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Eagle said

Funny that I found this. Only stumbled onto your post when I was looking for pictures of Shea after reading this post, which maybe you could add to your tributes.

I'll be checking in regularly now.

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