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by Kingman on August 5 at 7:12PM
Shea Stadium seats in section Loge 13.
The announcement we have been waiting for has arrived: The Mets are giving fans a chance to buy seats from Shea Stadium.

The price: $869 per pair.

My first reaction: that's cheaper than I thought they'd be.

My second reaction: what are the odds my wife is going to let me spend $869 for Shea seats?

My solution: We must never tell her. One day, Mr. Met will just pull up in a truck and drop off these blue seats, which I will place in the backyard. I will tell her it was a gift from the Mets. Yeah, that's it. A gift.

Here is the announcement:

Shea Stadium seat sale begins Monday, Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. exclusively on Mets.com/Shea
08/05/2008 1:13 PM ET
FLUSHING -- The New York Mets and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that the sale of Shea Stadium seat pairs will begin Monday, Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. exclusively online at Mets.com/Shea. Fans and collectors worldwide will be able to purchase orange, blue, green, and red seats for $869 per pair. The limited inventory of seats will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Each seat pair will be authenticated by Major League Baseball's Authentication Program and affixed with a tamper-proof hologram displaying a unique identification number.

Mets season ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase their particular seats before the Aug. 25 general public sale. The sale of other Shea memorabilia on Mets.com/Shea will expand to include seat backs and 45-inch sections of bench seating from Shea's Left Field Picnic Area. Details regarding the sale of additional memorabilia will be announced later this season.

"Citi Field will serve as a fantastic new home for the Mets for decades to come, but fans will always remember Shea Stadium and its magical moments - from the Amazins' World Series triumph in 1969 to Game 6 in '86 to, hopefully, a long, sweet October in 2008," said Mayor Bloomberg. "The Beatles played the first concert at Shea in 1965 and what better way to close it out than with Billy Joel and Paul McCartney on stage together 43 years later? The seat sale and subsequent memorabilia sale will provide fans a chance to own a part of that Shea Stadium lore."

Shea Stadium seats are owned by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation; other stadium memorabilia is owned by the Mets, including clubhouse items such as player lockers. Through an agreement between the City and the team, the City will receive a majority of the proceeds of the sale of the entire collection of memorabilia. The Mets will donate their portion of proceeds to the Mets Foundation, which will distribute the funds to various charities. The City's proceeds from the sale will be deposited into the City's general fund.

The removal of Shea Stadium seating will take place within weeks of the Mets' final home game, with the demolition of the stadium soon to follow. The metal seat frames date back to Shea's opening season in 1964. The original 55,300 wooden seats and seat backs were removed prior to the 1980 season, when they were replaced with the seats in use today.

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Doug said

Indeed... I saw this story on the news last night. Apparently, $869 per pair is derived from 86 and 69.... with 30 percent going to charity.

The biggest issue about getting YOUR seats, is that your neighbor may want theirs, too. And, unfortunately, neighbors share a common pedestal...

I wonder if I can get my four in-a-row...

I wonder what type of foundation I am going to have to build to be able to mount my seats, since they do not bolt from the bottom, but bolt from the back.... (Only Field Level Seats bolt from the floor). I sure don't want to drill them into the side of my house...


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Ron Hunt said

I'd like to know how you can even tell that it's your exact seats? I'll be happy with any set of blue loge seats numbered 7 & 8. Although, maybe I'll scratch my initials under the seats tomorrow afternoon. Either way, it's not the same as having Kingman's family to my right.

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Kingman said

Hey if I do buy my seats, we can get them together sometimes and watch games together.

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BoniMaroni said

Being a Mets fan that really has no chance of ever coming up with $869 by the time these go up for sale I am just wondering what happens to the rest of the seats? Sure wish I knew someone on the demolition crew that could help a brotha out and snatch some seats for us poor Mets fans. While it is definitely cheaper for the repainted and MLB certified seats than I thought, was just hoping they would let some go cheaper and not do the "limited amount" thing.

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Grumbee said

I purchased the orange seats this morning.. I'm a proud man who will now pay rent late. I can't wait for them to arrive 8-12 weeks after the Mets win it all baby!

More cowbell!

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Gerard Perri said

I got my seats today and there is on one way to describe them...RIP OFF!!!!!

The seats are dirty, have to somehow be modified so that you can actually sit in them and have nothing on them to indicate that they are authentic.

The Wilpon's must need the money from these seats to offset their investment losses to Bernie Madoff.

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