— Days Without Shea —

Shea Stadium and Citi Field at nightThe NY Times ran a good piece the other day on collective outrage amongst local sports fans re: ticket prices in all the new stadiums.

Richard Sandomir interviewed dozens of Mets, Jets, Giants and Yankees ticket holders to get reaction on the new ticket plans. Citi Field is not a major part of the story. However, Dave Howard (Mets executive VP for business) did say this on the record with regards to Shea Stadium partial season ticket holders:

" He [Howard] also said that partial season-ticket plans might not survive.

“We’ve told our customers that if they want priority seating, they should have a full-season plan,” Howard said."

This may be part of the ongoing game of chicken the Mets are playing with ticket holders. But the message is clear: at this moment, the Mets are not committing to serving their middle-class fan base. A fan base that includes folks who have spent decades investing in their loyalty the best way they could afford.

Lets just hope this is just a negotiating tactic and that a partial-season solution will be put in place.

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Doug said

The Sky is Falling!!!
The Sky is Falling!!!
The Sky is Falling!!!

I wouldn't worry.

Three days after seats for Shea went on sale to the general public, there are still pairs available for every level but the Field Level.....


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Glenn said

The *other* NY team announced their plans today.

41, 20, 15, 12 and 11 game plans, all with postseason options (although only the 41 game plan is a guaranteed option).

Why the hell can't the Mets get *their* act together?

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