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Jane Jarvis deserved better...

The Kingman boys and I took a Sunday trip to Shea Stadium, in the Upper Deck, to watch the Mets Marlins game. We were in sction 44, just shy of the Tommie Agee sign. How was the view? Breathtaking. Take a look:

Sadly, the Mets left us gasping as they lost 8-2 to the Fish.

Still, we had a great day at the park. We arrived about 95 minutes before the first pitch. The sound system was blaring "Every day is like Sunday" by Morrisey. Excellent choice of music on a threatening day, with some sadly appropriate lyrics as Shea's days tick down (Come Armageddon, indeed).

We were at Wednesday's game when Brett Favre became a Jet.  Today I saw my first Favre Jet shirts. Our seats today were perfect for a football game. You can see the entire field and almost feel like you're hovering over left field. Once my kids got over their new found vertigo, they had fun. I showed them the Tommie Agee monument then walked to the very top of the stadium for some sweet Citi Field views.

The highlight was probably the guest of honor. Jane Jarvis got to roll back the number of games (we're down to 24). She was in a wheel chair but looked thrilled to be at Shea. In the  middle of the third, the Mets made another mention of Jane and she enjoyed another round of applause. It was nice but frankly, Jane deserves an entire day, where they play nothing but her music and try to recreate that Jarvis vibe at a game. Too bad that won't happen.

Meanwhile, the game itself stunk. Pelfrey had nothing. The low light was the 4th, when the Marlins scored three runs on 1 hit. I have been trying to teach my kids how to do a scorecard but when there's 4 walks, a hit by pitch, a passed ball and a pitching switch all in one half-inning (top of the 4th), you kind of run out of room.

Here's a little video of our trek to the top of Shea Stadium. It gets blurry in places but at least you get the vibe of what an elevator ride to heaven feels like:


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Eli said

Jane Jarvis was interviwed by Kevin Burkhardt on the telecast. They stayed with her as much as they could with Endy hitting a triple in the middle of the interview. Kevin was properly respectful and they showed a clip of her playing the organ from her Shea-Hey Days. Gary Cohen spoke very warmly about her as well. I think the broadcast did a real nice job with her.

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Bobster said

Thanks for that video view from Section 44! I sat in that very section once, on October 14, 1969, the first World Series game ever played at Shea. We had a great view of Tommie Agee's first circus catch! Mets won 5-0 - yay! Here's my ticket stub:


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