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by Kingman on July 6 at 9:24PM

Logesign_062508The Mets won their second game in a row against the Phillies, perhaps the most bizarre fact from a bizarre day.

The 1:35 game ended just before 9:00, thanks to a three-hour rain delay.

Billy Wagner blew the save and a two-run lead in the bottom of the 9th. With two strikes against Jayson Werth, Billy hung a slider that Werth crushed for a game-tying home run.

Earlier in the day, Wagner was named the Mets lone representative to the All-Star game. Way to celebrate, Billy.

David Wright may still make the NL squad if he wins some super-special online ballot (vote on Mets.com). "I'd love to go but I understand we've dug a hole for ourselves as a team," said Wright, acknowledging the team’s general state of stinkiness right now. 

New Yorkers clearly didn’t stuff the ballots this year. Only three Yankees are going (Jeter, Rivera and A-Rod) and the game is in their own doomed stadium. Apparently, A-Rod’s wife is filing for divorce tomorrow too. The Christie Brinkley trial and now the A-Rod divorce. It’s gonna be a long summer.

But back to the game. Fernando Tatis put the Mets up in the 12th with a two-run home run and Joe Smith pitched 2 1/3 innings to win the game. The Mets are now 3.5 games behind the Phillies and suddenly could be putting something together. In fact, this may just be the game that turns everything around and…………ah never mind. There have already been about a dozen of those season-turning games this season. Lets just win tomorrow.



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