— Days Without Shea —

Today is the day: the last rock concert ever at Shea Stadium. But we are going to celebrate in style.

By all accounts, Billy Joel did a great job at the penultimate performance Wednesday. Tony Bennett, John Mellencamp, John Mayer and other guests did their best to pay tribute to Shea's legacy. Joel even played three Beatles covers. Well done.

Loge13 readers know Shea Stadium's rock & roll heritage well. No other venue in existence can boast hosting The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Clash, The Police, REM, Grand Funk Railroad, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel...just to name a few.

Indeed, the stadium concert was born in Shea Stadium, August 1965. The Beatles christened the concept.

Six years later, Grand Funk Railroad came to Queens and shattered the Beatles attendance record. Humble Pie opened. The GFR show is legendary and there is little footage commercially available.

However we have been honored by the Funk following and given a chance to share some of that Shea Stadium experience.

Here is some NEW video of Grand Funk Railroad's 1971 performance at Shea! The band is performing "Gimme Shelter" and a more apt tune would be hard to find right now. The great rock and roll Shelter by Jamaica bay is itself about to be reduced to rock. Lets pay tribute to the artists who stopped by Shea in the past 44 years and rocked our worlds. More important, as you watch this footage, also pay tribute to the millions of fans who came out to Shea to get their worlds rocked!

In the words of one Shea musical alumnus: Rock is Dead. Long Live Rock!


And thanks Sue.

For the complete rock history of Shea, check out Shea rocks and prepare to have your mind blown.

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Suez said

Your VERY WELCOME Kingman!

I thrilled to see Grand Funk history get some due respect!

And Thanks so much to the "JT" YouTube channel for supplying this awesome Funk footage!
For more Farner/Funk Footage:


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