— Days Without Shea —

Tonight, Billy Joel plays the first of the last concerts ever at Shea Stadium.

It's starting to get real now: Shea Stadium has 74 more official days of life But as of the last Billy Joel show, the Rock & Roll era of Shea Stadium will be over.

Loge13 has chronicled the rich music history of Shea Stadium We'll be writing more about it in the coming week as we celebrate the tremendous legacy Shea Stadium has provided pop culture. For now, here is the intro to the amazing film about  the Beatles at Shea Stadium. 55,600 people came out to the first stadium concert ever.

If any of you are going out to the Billy Joel shows, please send in a review:

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dennis d. said

we sat ibn the upper deck, section 849a.I've seen The Who and The Rolling Stones at Shea, but that old upper deck was shaking and rolling like I,ve nerver seen! Hundreds of Mets games and multiple rock concerts, but last night was unbeleivable! When Tony Bennet joined Billy Joel for 'New York State of Mind" it was the louder cheering I ever heard at Shea. Billy Joel showed a great sense of the history of Shea by doing three Beatle songs. Hard DaysNight, Please Please Me, and She Loves You. Billy showed great respect to the history of Shea, and what its meant to New York and Long Island.A great concert and fitting end to the musical history of Shea Stadium. A local guy who "gets it"- who knows the history of Shea is the one to bring down the musical curtain at the old ballpark. Very well done.

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Kingman Author Profile Page replied to dennis d.

Thanks for the review. And they're going to make a movie about the last shows at Shea so that's good news.

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