— Days Without Shea —

Every Met fan has their list of what they will miss from Shea. The Home Run Apple. The giant scoreboard. Walking down the ramps after a big win.

My favorite comment: someone told me they will miss the airplanes flying overhead once Shea Stadium is gone. Um, excuse me dude, they're not tearing down La Guardia.

Here's what I will miss. It's where I spent my high school years in the 80's with Ross Jones and Ron Hunt, talking baseball and the Stones with Dave (RIP). It's where I spent a couple decades getting to know my Dad much better during a few good years and an awful lot of bad years for the Mets. It's where I was with my parents in 2000 the night the Mets clinched the division. It's where we were for Todd Hundley night and Bob Murphy night. It's where I got to know the Bayside boys and the Loge13 guys who moved to Texas and still flew up for games (they worked for the airlines). It's where Ron Hunt caught a foul ball in his armpit and where The Wave came to die in the 1980's. Davey Johnson, Bud, Mike Cubbage, Jeff Torborg, Dallas Green, Bobby Valentine, Art Howe, Willie Randolph, Jerry Manuel. We sat through all their reigns.

Too many great memories to adequately stick in one post, much less one blog. Trust me, it's been great and it all happened right here, what I will miss most about Shea Stadium:

Shea Stadium seats in section Loge 13.

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Ron Hunt said

Nice post Kingman! Brings back some nice old memories. Also, I've never thought about it until now, but part of my (and my fellow Loge13ers) memories of Dave, my old college roommate, will be gone when Shea is gone too. While he died very young, I enjoyed keeping him in my and our collective minds by referring to him and the famous "dead man's seat". It keep him in our thoughts and it's too bad that will end. Now more than ever I MUST have two blue Loge seats numbered 7 & 8 in my backyard when Shea is gone. Dave lives on!

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Doug said

Mets have shut the door on partial plans... Now maybe we hear something....


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