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The Bobster sent this along awhile ago. Excellent photo:

To those of us who remember 1964, Shea Stadium will always be linked to the New York World's Fair.  They opened in the same month, and many people thought Shea was actually part of the Fair.  Of course, the Fair closed in October 1965 and Shea has lasted another 43 years until it too, is about to meet the wrecking ball.

I really like this photo because it shows the excitement of a time when Shea was brand new and sharing the spotlight with the Fair.  Besides Shea, the only structures still standing from this picture are the Unisphere, and the Singer Bowl, which has since morphed into Louis Armstrong Stadium, part of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.

Shea Stadium and the 1964 World's fair

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Ron Hunt said

Beautiful shot! I remember it well, it was my Disneyland (which I've still never seen, unlike WDW), plus Shea was so new, cool, seemingly ahead of it's time.

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mike said

nice pic. these had to be taken fron those towers that look like flying saucers. my father took me there plenty of times and sometimes we would then go see the mets play. wish i could live that era again.still have some pics when we went.their in b&w but their in good condition.but still i will never forget the great 60's era especially when we went to see the beatles.

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