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The Bobster really found a gem this time: an article about Shea Stadium from a 1964 edition of Popular Science Magazine. What a marvel this "convertible" stadium was to the modern world of 1964. Escalators actually carry fans to their seats "all of which are wider than average and have unobstructed views." Are you sure that's not Citi Field you're talking about? Nope, that's our Shea. Sounds like a keeper.

If you can't read the image below, just click on it and it will appear in a full-sized window that you can scroll through using the arrows on your keyboard. This is page one. I'll post pages 2 and 3 later in the week.

Thanks Bobster!

Shea Stadium in Popular Science Magazine, 1964

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Bobster said

Unobstructed views really was something special in 1964. Most stadiums then used columns for support and if you got stuck behind one of them, you were out of luck. Today we think of Shea as a relic, but it was cutting edge when it opened.

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G-Fafif said

Can't wait for pages two and three. Thanks for posting this treasure.

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Bobster said

Even though Shea was built inside New York City, it really reflected the post-war appeal of suburbia. One reason the Dodgers left Ebbets Field was the lack of any parking nearby, so that suburban fans refused to come to the games. Shea was built in an undeveloped area, surrounded by a sea of parking and linked to several highways. Today, the trend is reversing itself, with ballparks being built downtown again with limited parking. I'll bet that Bloomberg gets his way and a neighborhood eventually develops near Citi Field.

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Mets On Deck said

I really enjoyed this, and some of the other posts the past few months. It's great seeing the old photos you guys have dug up around Shea. Thanks for sharing.

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