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Mr. Met
The Mets go for the sweep of the SF Giants today.

It's a perfect day in New York City. I'm heading out to Shea Stadium with the whole Kingman clan. This will be the first Met game ever for the youngest. Can't wait.

The old Shea doomsday clock is telling us that there are only 80 days left before the sand run out for our blessed baseball shrine...unless of course, the Mets make the playoffs.

As of today, there are only 40 more games scheduled to be played at Shea.

Lots of zero's in the air today. The Giants have scored a total of zero runs so far in this Mets homestand. Does this mean John Maine might have a no-no locked in his arm today?

Have fun at work folks. Get those brooms ready. The Mets are going for six in a row.

And don't forget to enter the Greatest Games of Shea DVD contest. You have until Sunday at noon.

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Bobster said

I'll bet you all had a great time, Kingman, especially when that home run broke the tie! Here's a few paragraphs about today's game from the San Jose Mercury News:

NEW YORK - Even in its decrepit state, there is plenty of nostalgia at Shea Stadium.

It's where Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry electrified the game, where Tom Seaver dominated, where Willie Mays finished his career and where Armando Benitez made the fans weak in the knees.

It's filled with sights and smells. Mostly smells.

Excuse the Giants if they're glad never to see this place again.

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