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Here is the latest press release regarding Willets Point redevelopment.

Willets Point land and business owners along with hundreds of their employees will hold a protest outside Queens Community Board 7 prior to their vote on the City's
redevelopment plan for Willets Point on Monday, June 30. They will be joined by supporters from the Castle Coalition and Institute for Justice who oppose Eminent Domain abuse.

The Willets Point Industry and Realty Association (WPIRA), a group of land and business owners who have been operating various industrial and manufacturing family businesses for 30-70 years at Willets Point, continue to combat the City's campaign of misinformation to get approval on the redevelopment of Willets Point without a formal plan or identification of a developer.

Key Points In City's Continued Misrepresentation of the Willets Point
Redevelopment Plan:

•       The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) continues to claim that the entire 65-acre site is contaminated and requires environmental remediation.  WPIRA owns approximately 45% of the land in Willets Point and many of their sites have already been remediated. It has not been proven that Willets Point needs to be seized and capped with 6-10 feet of fill in order to address contamination.

•       Willets Point is NOT blighted, it has been intentionally neglected by the City of New York for decades and former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman is partially to blame. In 1991, at the request of Shulman, The New York City Public Development Corporation
commissioned a study of Willets Point. The report stated, among other things that:

-       "The area desperately needs a renewed infrastructure."
-       "The lack of adequate infrastructure is the most obvious impediment
to the success of   Willets Point"
-        "Willets Point has no sanitary sewers and the few storm sewers that exist are collapsed or perpetually clogged."

Shulman ignored the advice of the experts and the pleas for help in installing infrastructure from her constituents. Because of Claire Shulman's inaction during her tenure as Borough President, the City of New York today intends to spend upwards of $3 billion dollars to redevelop the area during an economic downturn.

•       The EDC continues to misrepresent its efforts to relocate businesses. At a Community Board 7 meeting on June 23, Board Member Joe Sweeney reprimanded the EDC for not reaching out to the business owners in a more effective and timely manner. While the EDC has
publicly touted agreements, the track record is weak in that after 4 years they have been able to sign a contract with only 2 of the estimated 260 businesses in Willets Point. Furthermore, the contracts are contingent on the approval of the City Council to pass the City's $3 billion redevelopment plan.

•        At the moment, the City has no definitive plans to address the impact on increased traffic and transit congestion in the Borough that would lead to virtually stagnant conditions on major roadways in and out of Willets Point and neighboring Flushing. The City's own Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Willets Point stated that the
plan would create immitigable traffic congestion on the Van Wyck Expressway.

•       WPIRA employs over 1500 highly-skilled workers who are paid above-average wages and benefits. These 9 businesses alone generate close to a billion dollars in economic activity and millions in tax revenue for the city.

City Council Members continue to express their disapproval of the City's plan:

•       On June 23, 2008, Queens Council Members Tony Avella, Hiram Monserrate and John Liu urged Community Board 7 to vote against the plan.

•       On April 21, 2008, 29 New York City Council Members sent a letter to Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber about the redevelopment plan for Willets Point and wrote, "This plan is unacceptable, and we wish to inform you that without significant modifications, we will strongly oppose it, leaving no chance of moving forward."

•       On March 13, 2007, Council Member Melinda Katz wrote to Deputy Mayor Lieber stating her previous request that "the certification of the project be postponed until such time that agreements in principle can be reached on the outstanding issues with all concerned parties." Katz requested a postponement of certification to allow the negotiations to

DATE:             Monday June 30, 2008

TIME:          Rally –  6:30PM
                       Community Board 7 Public Meeting & Vote – 7PM

                      3323 UNION STREET, FLUSHING, NY 11354

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Diverx99 said

I would like to see just how much of that nearly $1 billion in economic activity that the WPIRA claims. It's been my experience that the crime families (I mean legitimate businessmen), offer some VERY steep cash discounts. I'm sure they report all that income.

[July 9, 2008 12:36 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Bill said

How about some Met fans finally showing up and having their voices be heard. Have any of you been to Camden Yards, Petco in San Diego, Coors Field, hell Wrigley, Fenway and ich even the Bronx has more to offer fans looking to have fun than the area around Citi Field will. We are going to have this beautiful new ballpark and it will be surrounded by filth and crime, how absurd! It's like putting a silk hat on a pig (to quote Goodfellas). Please, please, please fellow Met Fans show up at Queens Borough Hall on Thursday July 10 between 10:30 and noon http://www.citysoftinc.com/clients/queens_events/queens_calendardetails.asp?id=362
and speak up for saving Willets Point from the filth and crime and make it a place for families and fans. Thanks

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