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Shea_fianlseasonbaseballI was taught not to believe everything I read. But if I read something on a blog, it must be true.

Apparently, the Mets are using  commemorative baseballs at Shea Stadium this year.I came across this nugget on a site called “Bloop Single.”:

I was at my first Mets game at Shea Stadium this year and my friend actually pounced on a foul ball. I didn't realize they had issued a special baseball for this season until I examined his. These are official Rawlings MLB baseballs issued with a special commemorative logo for Shea Stadium's final season. I'm still waiting to catch my first foul ball so now I have some added incentive to see some more Mets games this year.

Sadly, Loge13 is not and never has been foul ball territory so we may never get to verify this post.

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Ron Hunt said

Kingman, your memory is failing you. I caught a foul ball in our section, the beloved Loge 13 and I think you were sitting next to me. It was the highlight of my 24 years sitting in the section. Not only was my daughter with me, 6 years old at the time but it was 7/28/93, the night Anthony Young's consecutive losing streak ended at 27.

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Kingman said

Believe me, I have not forgotten. That was one of the greatest catches in Shea history (much better than Endy). That catch is worth its own blog post or two, with picture of the ball. My point is that Loge13 historically has not been a popular destination for foul balls. Beyond your catch and a few near misses, we've been virtually ball-free for 24 years.

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