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SheaDVDGreetings all. Last week was Internet Week here in New York. And since I’m a Web worker in my real job (the one that pays the bills, not Loge13), I spent pretty much every night out at one party or another, which is not as fun as it used to be.

But now I’m back in the confines of Loge13, with lots to catch up on.

First off is this new movie: Essential Games of Shea Stadium, from A&E TV. Here is what it has, according to the site:

* Includes hours of featurettes and historic highlights.
    * Six DVDs present sixteen and a half hours of epic New York Mets® moments.
    * The fans chose the Mets' six greatest games. We proudly offer them all in this magnificent set!

As the home for the New York Mets since 1964, Shea Stadium has hosted an amazing array of history-making ballgames, all-time players, colorful managers, and millions of devoted fans. From the high-flying championship teams to the low-flying planes, the roar of Shea is ingrained in the hearts of the enthusiastic crowds who cheer their New York Mets.

This six-game, 6-DVD collection spans five decades of promise, humor, jubilation, and Mets baseball. It celebrates the legendary games and the baseball heroes who made Mets history. These six remarkable games provide a sweeping view of the glory, the history, the magic that can only be found at Shea.


    * 1969 World Series® Game 4 vs. Baltimore Orioles™ (10/15/69): Tom Seaver's 10-inning win was a decisive point of the '69 World Series as the Mets upset the heavily favored Orioles.
    * 1986 National League® Championship Series Game 3 vs. Houston Astros™ (10/11/86): This come-from-behind bottom-of-the-ninth victory ended with Lenny Dykstra's famous walk-off home run.
    * 1986 World Series Game 6 vs. Boston Red Sox™ (10/25/86): Considered "Baseball's greatest game", this improbable 10th-inning, miracle two-out comeback reached its climax with Mookie Wilson's swing and... "here comes Knight and the Mets win it!"
    * 1999 National League Championship Series Game 5 vs. Atlanta Braves™ (10/17/99): Robin Ventura's "grand slam single" won this 15-inning game endurance test.
    * 2001 Regular season vs. Atlanta Braves (11/21/01): The emotionally charged first game in New York City after the 9/11 terrorist attacks was electrified by Mike Piazza's 8th inning 2-run home run.
    * 2006 Inter-League vs. New York Yankees™ (5/19/06): David Wright's walk-off hit snatched victory away from the cross-town rival Yankees in this classic see-saw battle.

DVD Bonus Features:

    * 1969 World Series Last Inning
    * Gary Carter Game-Winning HR (1985 Opening Day vs. Cardinals)
    * 1986 NL East Division Clincher Highlights (September 17 vs. Cubs)
    * 1986 World Series Game 7 Highlights
    * Matt Franco GW RBI (July 10, 1999 vs. Yankees)
    * Todd Pratt GW HR (1999 NLDS Game 4 vs. Diamondbacks)
    * Mets Win National League Pennant (2000 NLCS Game 5 vs. Cardinals)
    * 2006 Walk-Off Moments
    * Mets Clinch NL East Division (September 19, 2006 vs. Marlins)
    * Clutch Catch by Endy Chavez (2006 NLCS Game 7)
    * Bill Shea Interview 

I will be picking up a copy but if any of you have already seen it, give us a review.

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Anthony De Rosa said

Hey Kingman,

It's Anthony of HotFootBlog.com

I've been hitting up a lot of the parties for Internet Week as well. Are you going to the Tumblr party on Sunday?

[June 7, 2008 7:23 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

Sadly no. I am all partied out and my son has a baseball game tomorrow late afternoon anyway. BTW here is some related news:


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