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by Kingman on May 20 at 9:33PM

LesterJonThe Mets are sitting through a rain delay in Atlanta after an ugly afternoon loss I won’t comment on.

Meanwhile, last night Boston’s Jon Lester threw a no hitter against the Royals in Fenway Park.

I was watching the game with a friend in Penn Station while we waited for late night trains home (no better place than Kabooz at times like this). After Lester’s last pitch, I, like all Mets fans sitting at bars or on couches, had to wonder: will there ever be a Mets no-hitter?

Boston has now seen 18 no-hitters. And two in the last year (Clay Buchholz last Sept. 1).

The Mets have thrown none. I have seen at least two one-hitters. Gooden in 1984 (an infield hit when new third baseman Ray Knight held a slow dribbler instead of throwing it. Stinker) and Booby Jones in the playoffs. But one-hitters are all we got.

I wasn’t  the only one thinking about this. Loge 13 wise man Ron Hunt sent me his musings:

I was bored today and started thinking about no hitters in baseball in
 light of Jon Lester's gem last night and the fact that we are in our
 47th year as a franchise and remain without any no no's.

The Mets have been no hit six times, Sandy Koufax (his first), Jim
 Bunning (his second), Bob Moose, Bill Stoneman (his second), Ed Halicki and
 Daryl Kile.

Seven Met pitchers have thrown no hitters prior to becoming Mets -
 Warren Spahn - 2 , Dean Chance, Dock Ellis, John  Candelaria, Bret
 Saberhagen, Kenny Rogers, Al Leiter and Hideo Nomo.

And, most sadly of all, six Mets have pitched no hitters after leaving
 the Mets - Nolan Ryan - 7, Jim Bibby, Tom Seaver, Mike Scott, Dwight
 Gooden, David Cone.

And, Clay Buchholz, who pitched a no hitter last year, was the Red
 Sox's compensation pick for the Mets free agent signing of Pedro Martinez.

One of these days....

Jim Bibby – perhaps the best Met trivia answer ever (Q: name the 6 Mets who pitched no-hitters after leaving the Mets).

So I think this is the year. And I think it’s going to happen at Shea Stadium. And the first pitcher to throw a no hitter in Mets history? I’m going with John Maine or Oliver Perez.

So why do you think no Mets have thrown no-no’s? And who might break the jinx this year?


[May 20, 2008 10:06 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Bobster said

Ah, there have been some close calls too....never forget the name Jimmy Qualls, who spent just enough time in the major leagues to ruin Tom Seaver's perfect game in 1969. Damn you, Qualls!

[May 21, 2008 11:02 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Jon said

To me, no-hitters are just random enough events that the idea that the Mets have never had one is infinitely more amusing than if they had one or two or whatever.

That doesn't mean I root against them... I still get excited every time a guy goes 4 innings + without surrendering a hit, but like Tom Glavine, I'm never too devastated when they lose one either.

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metswalkoffs said

Not my site, but I'll give him a plug...have you seen?


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Cyclones Fan said

Technically 7 former Mets have pitched no-no's. Hideo Nomo threw one after he spent time in Flushing. Wrote about the same frustration on my site http://www.metspolice.com

[May 23, 2008 12:29 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Bobster said

Jon is right, no hitters and perfect games are extremely random events. A guy pitching a no-hitter could easily be outpitched by his opponent that same game, but just not get the breaks.

No Met has pitched a no-hitter in their 47 seasons, but remember that no no-hitter was ever pitched in Forbes Field by EITHER side in its 62 years as home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

[May 23, 2008 8:48 AM]  |  link  |  reply
kingman said

All good points. Although I have never seen a no-hitter, I did witness something more rare: two triple plays in one game, during a Red Sox/Twins game in Fenway, 1990. It's only happened once. Dang, Fenway has all the fun.

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