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by Kingman on May 17 at 6:26PM

I don’t care that the Mets beat the Yankees today. I care that the Mets won and played like a team for the first time in a while. If Billy Wagner’s words had anything to do with the Mets play today, then let the man speak.

That said, it is fun to beat the Yankees. Tomorrow we go for the sweep:


 Hard to single out any one Met in this one. Johan Santana pitched great and found his control after the first few innings. Church continues to play like an MVP. For a change the Mets defense was solid, especially in the bottom of the 4th when Damon tried to go 1st to home on a double to right field.

Was this a bad move? Depressed Fan Brian thinks so: “Let me start by saying Bobby Meacham should be fired. Did his bonehead call sending Damon to the plate in the third cost the Yankees the game? Maybe. Was it a completely senseless, idiotic move. Definitely.”

That may be a bit extreme. It took two perfect throws by Church and Castillo and a fantastic plate block by Schneider to stop Damon so give points for being aggressive. Then again, the Spankees would have had 2nd & 3rd with one out if old man Damon just stayed put. Both teams always seem to press in these interleague series (Why are Castillo and Reyes double stealing with one out and Church up in the 7th?).

I can’t wait to read what Wagner says after today’s game. Actually, I’m more looking forward to Hank’s comments.   Maybe Joba will be coaching third tomorrow.

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