— Days Without Shea —

That was just plain ugly.

After a decent road trip to the West Coast and taking 2 of 3 from the reds over the weekend, the Mets did themselves no favors this week, playing anemic baseball against the Washington Nationals.

I was too busy at work today to watch the 1-0 loss. However, Kingman Senior and Mother Kingman were at the day game. I called my dad for his review of the game. he made me edit out the juicier bits but here are his thoughts:

Pelfrey, much to everyone' surprise, pitched a very strong game. He was very good. Wise also pitched well. and even stayed for the 9th. The pitching was not bad at all.
But the hitting was abysmal. Wright popped up for times. Reyes was swinging at the 1st pitch. There were some good fielding plays. Beltran made one outstanding catch. The Nat's Willie Harris saved the game with a great catch diving down the left field foul line. Would've driven in two runs.
Good crowd today. Lots of kids in attendance for Mr G's Weather Day. Before the game, they had tons of school kids in attendance (that we the taxpayers are underwriting for for them to go to a game). All these kids were in our seats until about 12:30, when the festivities were over and they all had to go back to  their seats.
The scuttlebut was Willie was must go. According to inside information, Rick Peterson is already seeking employment.

Now the 20-18 Mets take on the 20-21 Yankees this weekend. Forgive me for not being excited.

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NatKiller said

So sorry about that, but you (and the NY media going into this series) underestimated the suprisingly good pitching the Nats have enjoyed this season both from their starters and the bullpen. Of course, the Nats' bats are as anemic as the Mets' bats, and after the first game and a half it looked like the difference was going to be former Nats' Church and Schneider, but you guys look worse than us and that is pretty sad. At least Acta is trying to shake up his club instead of coddling them.

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Doug said

Did any of the seniors in attendance get to partake in the Senior Stroll around the basepaths?

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