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by Kingman on May 12 at 8:49PM

Detroit-Tiger-Stadium-Final-Game-PostersA couple interesting reads for Loge13 afficianados…

Before the 2008 season, we wrote about some of the Polo Grounds mementos still surviving in NYC. A recurring question: why is Citi Field being built as a tribute to Brooklyn’s Ebbet’s Field at the expense of New York’s other former baseball team and stadium?

A recent post on the Bleacher Report asked the same question. The post also refers to the “New York Giants Baseball Nostalgia Society” which is appealing to the Wilpons to not forget the Giants. Bleacher Report reports:

However, the plans for Citi Field do include a couple of nods to the New York Giants and their former home, the Polo Grounds (also the home of the Mets before the opening of Shea Stadium).

One will be the inclusion dark green seats in the stands, which was the same color featured in the Polo Grounds.

The second will be varying wall heights and angles in the outfield.

Will these elements make the New York Giants’ fans feel at “home” in Citi Field, or are these features reminiscent of many current and former “retro” ball parks including Citizens Bank Park, Comerica Park, Camden Yards, and Minute Maid Park?

Joe Lapointe in Sunday’s NY Times reminded readers of Citi Field’s concrete cousin from the midwest: the old Tiger Stadium. The last game was played there in 1999, but the building still stands while local leaders, developers and Tigers fans fight over the stadium’s fate. One group: the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, “has until June 1 to raise $369,000 to try to save part of Tiger Stadium, even temporarily.”

The article describes the “upper deck in right field, which hangs over the warning track and once turned apparent flyouts into home runs,” then connects the overhang to the future Mets right field: 

One spectator impressed by this architectural feature in the 1960s was Jeff Wilpon, the chief operating officer of the Mets. He used to visit Detroit to see his grandfather, who would take him to baseball games in the summer and to Lions games on Thanksgiving.

So Wilpon insisted that the new Mets stadium have a similar overhang in right field. “You’re in fair territory,” Wilpon said of those seats. “We copied that a little bit.”

So there you go. There will be a little bit of Tiger Stadium in Citi Field, along with the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field. Maybe someday some of Shea Stadium’s partial season ticket plans will reside in Citi Field as well.

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Anonymous said

I think there's been a bit too much emphasis on reminding people of Ebbets Field and not enough on two ballparks that are directly connected with the Mets: The Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium.

The Mets, after all, didn't play a single game in Ebbets Field, but they played all their home games at Shea and the Polo Grounds. There should be much more emphasis on incorporating memories of those ballparks into Citi Field and less on Ebbets Field which really has very little to do with the Mets.

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Doug said

From what I have read, the Polo Grounds had the overhang in fair territory, too.. down both left and right field lines. So you can't say that Citi Field borrows nothing from the Polo Grounds.

It's not too late... Can't we install a telescope out in Centerfield?

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